Controlling Body Weight

Only Two Things Control Body Weight

1. Genes

The gene pool is the chief factor which governs body weight. It decides what the shape of the body will be amid conception. Genes decide upon the speed and effectiveness of our metabolic rate - which is why some individuals can eat like a hungry ox and never gain an inch while some only need to sniff that raspberry cheesecake to pile on ten unwanted pounds.

The genes also decide how tall we'll be - and we-shorties certainly know the downside of being height-challenged. We can't eat as much, yet our stomach is about the same size as taller individuals.

Genes also influence our interests. If our mother enjoys sewing and cooking, we may get one or both of these genes in our personal make-up. If our father enjoys a certain sports - we may too. How often have we seen politicians or actors with their offspring following in their footsteps? Singers? Artists? We only need to look in our daily entertainment section to see how the gene pool impacts 'what' and 'who' we will be - and of course, having money certainly opens doors.

In addition, genes rule where our medical condition - and history are involved. Sure, if we have poor personal habits we can speed-up poor health, but the strength and endurance of our genes determine if and when we'll get certain health issues or diseases.

This is why some individuals can smoke until they are 100 years old and why others die of cancer due to smoking at very young ages. It's why the person who doesn't smoke, yet who is around second-hand smoke succumbs to lung issues and/or cancer - and why those who exhaled the abuse have zero consequences from smoking. Second-hand smoking is more dangerous than smoking itself - so if someone is smoking - leave the room. And smokers, quit subjecting your innocent pets and kids to second-hand smoke. I see this all too often - as ignorance OR lack of consideration fails in the human race. Give me the button!

While we cannot control our genetic pool - and for some like me, I'll call it a genetic cesspool, we can control the second weight-governing factor.

2. Personal Habits

These involve the following:

- our activity level
- our daily diet, including our snack preferences
- smoking
- drugs, including over the counter drug use, addictive drugs and medically prescribed drugs
- stress levels
- environment, including living and working environments

Controlling Weight By Increasing Activity Level

Even if you maintain your current eating habits - if you increase your daily level of activity you should lose weight. Moving, exercise and motion - all increase the metabolic rate while strengthening the body. More exercise equals more muscle.

Consider getting a pedometer and walking 5,000 or more steps each day. Monitor your results. If you haven't increased your daily intake of calories, you should see weight loss results.

Controlling Weight With Healthier Diet & Snacking

This can be as simple as decreasing the number of high-carb foods in your daily diet and replacing those with fruits and vegetables. For example, rather than grabbing a handful of cookies, try grabbing a handful of grapes or berries. Even nuts which are naturally high in calories are healthier than cookies - and per recommended serving contain fewer calories. A stack of Oreo cookies contains about 500 calories; a serving of natural almonds [23 nuts] contains about 165 calories and has anti-stroke and heart healthy benefits.

Controlling Weight By Avoiding Harmful Elements, Including Stress

Stressful work environment? Perhaps it's time to start shopping for a new job. Stressful living conditions? Busy, polluted city? Perhaps relocating to a less polluted environment will not only lift your mood, it may improve your current health and relieve the stress related to busy city life.

In addition, keep in mind that most over the counter drugs do nothing to cure health issues. They MAY serve to relieve certain health issues, and assist in pain management. But none arrive into the body without risk to health. The risk may be minimal - such as with certain stomach medications which control nausea and diarrhea. Others, such as NASIDs hold significant health risks - including stroke and death.

So before popping that next pill for that little ill, do you really need it?


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