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Diet Bites Free Diet Plans, Weight Loss Tips

Diet Bites 10 Step Plan to Permanent Weight Loss - Tired of going on diets? We use a no-diet approach to losing excess pounds and show you how to keep them off permanently. This is an easy to follow plan...

How to Keep Lost Weight Off Permanently- Almost 100% of individuals who lose the fat will regain it back - in addition to more. We have tips to assist in permanent weight loss. Tricks for Losing Weight

1200 Calorie Diet or  1,400 Calories - When you're chiseling unwanted bulk from your body frame, too few calories can spell disaster. We'll show you the ropes so that you'll be able to lasso the healthy food choices instead of hanging your plan. 1000 Calorie Diet

Body Frame & Excess Pounds - You may never want to overeat again after reading this health article. To get a better picture of the effect that weight has on the body frame, think of your body as a house that is being constructed....

Calories Burned Activity Chart - Thinking about adding an activity plan to your new diet? Our chart can assist in letting you know how many calories you can burn amid different activities. How many calories does washing dishes burn? What about hiking or playing volleyball? What about walking? Or what about......

The Pyramid Diet™ - Oh yes we did; we not only created this original weight loss plan - but scads more that you'll find embedded at this crazy, wonderful website that makes losing funner. Take note that it's never totally fun - but we can assist in making it a less frightening, more productive adventure.

What is your ideal body weight based on your current age? We have charts and tips to assist which can be used as a pattern in setting healthy fitness goals: Weight Over 40 | Weight Over 50 | Weight Over 60 | Weight Over 70

How to Boost Metabolism  - While this article contains a plethora of snappy tips that can revitalize your metabolic rate - take note that your metabolism was created especially for you as you were being formed inside your dear old 'mudder's' tummy.

While you can bring it to a more efficient - more proficient level, it can only be revved a certain amount. Drugs and supplements which guarantee to have your metabolic rate running as fast as Tarzan through the jungle (Johnny Weissmuller) may end with you in the ER doing the Tarzan yell for Nurse Jane and Doctor Cheetah-U-Outta-Your-Money.

How Many Calories in a Pound? - We'll also share an easy formula in this article to help you achieve weight loss success....

Weight Loss Challenge - How much weight do you have to lose? Ten pounds, fifty, seventy or over one-hundred? Whatever excess body fat that you are currently loaded down with, seize the opportunity for a healthier, slimmer you....

Diet Bites Free Diet Menus: Start here. |  Summer Diet Plan | Fad Diet Information

Free Diet Plans, Health Tips

Unexpected Weight Gain in Women & Men - Are you experiencing an increase in body weight and having difficulty in determining the cause?  This article can assist.....

Avocado Diet Plan - Want to reduce bad cholesterol while increasing the good? Then our new Avocado Diet might be perfect for you.

Recommended Weight Charts - After you have decided that you want to get to a healthier state in life, the next task is determining a goal weight. Our charts provide acceptable ranges for both men and women and can be used as a pattern in establishing your health goals.

7 Day Diet Plan - If you need help in setting your daily calories and in meal planning, this plan can assist.

10 Day Fat Loss Plan - Got ten days? If so, this pattern for losing can assist in establishing a healthier way of eating while losing safely.  The Best 3 Day Diet Plan - If you don't have ten days, what about three?

Controlling Weight Gain - Tips to break the cycle. Are those holidays and celebrations the reason behind your weighty issues? These tips can assist: Synchronizing Your Diet

A Simple Diet Plan - Why do so many people lose weight only to regain it? Even those who star on popular reduction-based reality shows - as well as in commercials for certain programs? We have the answers - and tips for you to experience permanent success.

Super Food Diet Plan - Want to hear a little secret? All natural foods are super foods and offer substantial health benefits for the body. Our plan for ditching fat is built around some of the best and tastiest.

Most Diets End With Binge - We'll show you how to avoid bingeing and lose those excess pounds permanently....

Failed Diet Stories - Two stories of failed diets - and glorious tips to make yours a permanent success.

Doctor Prescribed Diets, Weight Loss Tips That Work - "IT" happened. And you had sensed 'it' from the moment you had entered the pungent-smelling waiting room at the doctor's office - even as you settled in for the three hour wait to see 'His Medical Highness'.

Astounding Amounts of Salt in Fast Food & Restaurant Menus - You may be shocked to discover how much sodium that innocent looking something or another contains. Excess salt in the daily diet leads to a plethora of health ills, including extra pounds due to water retention.....

Diet Stumbling Blocks - A few cute, but naughty foes that you will meet as you journey along The Old Diet Trail. For most of us, when we aren't in dieting mode, these little buggers might be our best friends!

Amazing Arms Review - Our independent review of this upper-arm slimming product - and it's not pretty.....

New Day, New Diet - Forget about those past failures! It's time to move forward - and this time, towards achieving success. No matter what time of the year it is - you can begin with a clean slate and meet your fitness goals.

Best Foods to Eat to Lose Weight - Our top food choices for dieters based on the Five Basic Food Groups of the American Food Pyramid.

Calories, Healthy Recipes

Calories in Eggs - Go protein power and go satiety! These babies are rich sources of both and make an excellent choice for your meal plate for healthy individuals. On the other hand, it's a different health picture for those monitoring their cholesterol intake.

Easy Tortilla Soup Recipe - Our easy recipe can have a meal on the table in about ten minutes.

Cutting Hotdog Calories - Poor old fatty Frank, he longs to be lean and lovely but has somehow lost his way.

Let's help him get back into shape - and looking good!

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