Stomach Stapling & Gastric
Surgical Procedures
for Individuals Over 100 Pounds

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weighing the Risks of Bariatric & Gastric Surgery for Weight Loss

Defining Severe Obesity - What is 100 Pounds Overweight?

Severe obesity is defined by the medical populous as '100 pounds overweight'.  

With so many 'standard weight' charts in the world today, the individual contemplating weight loss surgery has to do a bit of investigating just to determine if they are truly 100 pounds overweight.  

Life insurance companies tend to base their figures on the 'skinny side of life', thus covering their bases for life events.

One medical chart may indicate that Dieter Sally should weigh 95-120 pounds - her low end and high end weights.  

Another standard weight chart may indicate that Dieter Sally weigh 115 - 145 pounds - again, her low end and high end weights.  

In basic terms, Dieter Sally should weigh no less than the lowest number, and no more than the higher number. If Dieter Sally extends herself too far north or east on her weight loss scale, she's suddenly 'at risk'.

Defining Accurate Weight

Given this example, we see a 25 pound variance. Which weight chart is accurate? Should individuals rate their overall health by a number on a chart or scale OR upon how they feel?

If the individual is at the 100 pound risk marker according to a specific chart, should they opt for weight loss surgery? Should they try to lose 25 pounds or so, then go from there? Can they?

As we can see, many problems remain where the issue of 'defining perfect weight' comes into play in the Diet World.

There are many other factors that should be taken into consideration such as: bone structure, muscle mass, even the length of an individual's hair! I've known of several people whose hair weighed in at five pounds or more.

Weight Loss Surgery for Individuals Over 100 Pounds

Nonetheless, undergoing weight loss surgery is something that the individual should seriously think through. It's very easy to think, "Goody, I'll be thin again!" After the surgery, if something goes awry, it's suddenly, "Oh, no - what did I do?"

To be fair, many individuals have achieved great success through weight loss surgery.

If you have health problems in which your weight is putting you in harm's way, your decision will probably be much easier than an individual who is seeking a quick road to slimness.

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