Breakfast for Day 2 of the Diet Bites 3 Day Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Breakfast, Day 2 of Diet Bites 3 Day Diet, About 320 Calories

Food Pyramid Breakdown: 1 protein, 2 grains, 2 dairy

Who wants to start their day, breaking the fast with basically another fast? You won't find a skimpy meal plate in the Diet Bites menus - that's for certain!

The Breakfast Menu

One " Big Boy Bagel Breakfast Sandwich"

Beverage: 1 cup of skim milk

The low calorie recipe for Big Boy Bagel Breakfast Sandwich

Lower Calorie, Lower Fat  Recipe Ingredients:

1 whole wheat OR plain bagel (about 150 calories)

1 slice of lean deli ham

1 slice of mozzarella cheese, skim (60 calories) 

How to Prepare

Warm bagel in microwave for a few seconds, then remove and fill with ham and mozzarella.

How this diet-wise menu achieves our healthy expectations.

- Whole wheat bagel adds nutritional value. Each day you should ensure that your meals and snacks contain a minimum of six grain servings - and depending upon your personal health, body frame size, muscle mass, age and current weight - you may require up to eleven grain servings.

Aim to make about half of the grain choices that you put into your diet, whole grains. Examples include: cereals, whole grain breads, whole grain pasta and all varieties of rice.

- Mozzarella cheese adds flavor and binds the breakfast sandwich together while keeping calories low.  

- Lean deli ham adds important protein to the breakfast sandwich. Do watch the sodium content in prepared meats as it can be create sodium overload which in turn triggers these potential side effects: bloating, water retention, irritability, you may feel over-stuffed or crave water; excess salt retains water within the body.

- Skim milk rounds off this healthy meal and packs filling powers, as well as calcium properties.

- Breakfast sandwich is quick to prepare and is very filling. Return to 3 Day Diet Menus

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