Lunch for Day 3 
Diet Bites 3 Day Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

This Lunch Menu for Dieters Contains About 390 calories

Food Pyramid Breakdown: 1 protein, 1 grain, 1 dairy

The Lunch Menu

One " Chili Cheese Pie"

Beverage: 1 diet soda, diet drink or water 

The low calorie recipe for Chili Cheese Pie

Lower Calorie, Lower Fat  Recipe Ingredients

1 serving of corn chips (160 calories)

1 cup of extra lean canned chili (up to 150 calories)

1 slice of your favorite cheese (up to 80 calories)

1 Tablespoon of raw diced onions (optional)

Simply warm chili and add remaining ingredients. 

How this diet-wise menu achieves our healthy expectations. 

- This one-food meal is ultra easy to prepare and uses minimal ingredients while tasting like a million bucks  

- Extra lean chili provides a burst of warmth, adding zest to this traditional comfort food without adding a ton of calories and fat  

- So quick and easy, this one-dish meal can be prepared at work via a microwave so it makes a great take-along meal.

Dieting Tips & Notes

Dieters often make the egregious mistake of excluding foods and recipes which they consider 'too fatty' or 'too many calories' from their diet plan. They are sustained on a diet consisting of rabbit foods - celery, carrots, cucumber, broccoli florets and radish.

Every now and then they will allow a tin of tuna to meander into their plan and if they are feeling generous, they'll invite tuna's pal - a small stack of saltines - to their meal plate.

What if I told you that most people who are at their recommended healthy weight enjoy the foods that they like?

That they love? I for one, certainly do such.

When we venture onto a weight loss plan which is bland, which is void of the foods that we are accustomed to eating - and in a severe manner - the plan just isn't going to last for a lifetime. And you know - that's the sacrifice that the individual who is seeking permanent fat loss must make. They must be willing to make life-changes.

This doesn't mean that they can't ever have another slice of devil's food cake or a doughnut stuffed with crème filling.

It does mean that they must be willing to pull back on their caloric intake because they are currently consuming too many calories; these are responsible for body weight.

Sure, we can overeat a tab - and we can pursue aggressive activity to balance the excess, but when we overeat considerably, it becomes humanly impossible to put the energy values in balance so that weight gain does not occur.

Therefore, one of our best defenses for avoiding weight gain, as well as maintaining our new healthy weight is to find methods of reducing energy values in the foods that we love to eat and drink.

This is what we have done with the chili pie recipe above. It's a reduced fat/calorie option that can certainly be a part of most healthy weight loss plans. Return to 3 Day Diet Menus

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