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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites


What is the Food Pyramid?

It's a proven pattern for obtaining a healthy body. Although the USDA has migrated to a Meal Plate, Diet Bites prefers to continue to use their Pyramid example.

Comparing the Pyramid to the Plate is like comparing a Little League sport's game to the major leagues. The Plate module contains no recommended servings from the various Food Groups and is basically a plate filled with sectioned colors.

While the groups are a vital element to optimum nutrition, unless we consume certain amounts from each group - we won't achieve maximum health.

However, the Plate is a great example for young children to follow. It's just that we-adults need a wee-bit more guidance where our daily diet is concerned.

Food Group Recommended Servings, Starting With the Grain Group

Grains - our body requires a base of six servings for optimum health. That is the minimum recommended amount from the Food Pyramid. Many individuals require more, so the recommendation is 6 to 11 servings.

But take note that because some individuals are larger and are involved in a very active lifestyle, they may require more servings.

On the flip-side, small women who are inactive may require a bit less. This applies to all of the food group recommended servings. Only a professional, qualified doctor can advice your personal needs after making a full examination involving numerous tests.

Food Pyramid, Recommended Food Group Servings

Therefore, the Plate and Pyramid serve as guides - and the recommendations are not forged into steel. We simply feel that the Pyramid provides a better module - or pattern for life than the Plate.

The Fruit, Dairy & Protein Group Recommendations

Fruits - we require 2-4 servings daily. In comparison, we only require 2-3 servings of Protein - and only 2-3 servings of Dairy.

Vegetables, Packed With Healthy Vitamins & Essential Minerals

What about vegetables? Our body requires from three to five daily servings.

We can readily see by looking at the picture of the Food Pyramid below that we require more servings from the Grain, Fruit and Vegetable groups than the Diary and Protein.

In Summary

The American Food Pyramid is a proven powerhouse when meeting the nutritional needs of the body. It's very easy to understand and all of the foods housed within are natural sources that work best with the human body.  More Diet Tips

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