Symptoms of Weight Loss & Dieting
Positive & Negative

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Common Symptoms & Side Effects Felt When Dieting

Expect any of the following symptoms while losing weight, some negative and some positive but all common among dieters. Let's do the negative diet symptoms first:

bad breath, commonly known as dieter's breath

feeling hungry

hunger pains growling tummy

loose, baggy skin after achieving substantial weight loss

irritable or cranky

potty woes, chiefly constipation (Hello Fiber!)

wolfing  down food too quickly at meal time rather than taking time to enjoy

sore muscles from new activity plan

continuous thoughts about weight loss

Recommended Daily Serving Size Per Calories

Food Group

1,200 Calories

1,400 Calories

1,600 Calories

1,800 Calories

2,000 Calories


1 cup

1.5  cups

1.5  cups

1.5  cups

2  cups


1.5 cups

1.5 cups

2  cups

2.5  cups

2.5  cups


4 ounces

5 ounces

5 ounces

6 ounces

6 ounces

Meat & Beans

3 ounces

4 ounces

5  ounces

5  ounces

5.5  ounces


2 cups

2 cups

3 cups

3 cups

3 cups


4 teaspoons

4 teaspoons

5 teaspoons

5 teaspoons

6 teaspoons

Discretionary Cal

Allow 171 Calories

Allow 171 Calories

Allow 132 Calories

Allow 195 Calories

Allow 267 Calories

Positive Diet Symptoms

excited, happy & cheerful about weight loss 

breathe easier

clothing, belts, rings & shoes  fit better, looser

appearance improves (hey there sexy!)

internal organs function more smoothly so you feel better

heartburn & indigestion appear to have vanished OR at least improved

more energy

less mental fog

less gas (Hum, I wonder if this has any connection to the mental fog issue?)

meal planning becomes a cinch

look forward to eating healthy foods

sugar cravings vanish

fat doesn't taste so good anymore

over-all improvement in taste & sometimes, smell

speaking of 'smell', the body sweats less  

As a note, should you experience anything out of the ordinary please see your doctor asap. A hidden illness such as diabetes can spell health woes for those restricting their calorie (energy) intake and may require immediate medical intervention.  

Symptoms that may be out of the ordinary while dieting include and which require immediate medical attention:

racing heart

sweating profusely

the shakes trembling

fainting OR feeling like you're going to

difficulty breathing

extreme weakness


difficulty thinking or concentrating

feeling extremely sleepy after sleep requirements have been met

weight loss!



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