Dieting: Setting Long & Short Term Goals

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites


Short Term Fitness Goals

It's much easier to set goals for the present than when dealing with the future. We live in the present - so it's more doable.

But when we're dealing with the future, we're dealing with the unknown.

After all, we aren't the same person today that we were five or ten years ago.

We change and when we do such, the avenues that we take along life's pathway differ.

As to the present, we know what we currently weigh. We know the activities that we enjoy - as well as our current state of health and our endurance level.

Therefore, a short term list may look something like this:

1. Lose excess weight.

We can go on to further simplify this step. Let's say that Jerry is 75 pounds overweight.

Rather than concentrating on losing the full amount, he can break down the number into small increments. He should strive to lose x-amount per week - and 2 pounds is a very healthy and doable goal. In a little over six months, he will have achieved his over-all goal.

2. Get more active.

Rather than planning to enter a marathon, Jerry should slowly work his way up the Activity Ladder, allowing his body time to adjust to the changes. If he decides to go full blast, all those painful muscle aches may be enough to have him returning to his slothful way of life.

As an example, on week one of his fitness plan, Jerry can start out walking for 10 - 15 minutes per day. Slowly, he can work up to walking a mile per day - and if he wants to add from there, he can certainly do such.

Long Term Goal, The Big Heavy Mistake

Do you know what the biggest mistake that post dieters make?

They regain all of the pounds that they lost in addition - to more pounds!

It seems a bit wacky, but this is what happens almost 100% of the time. Losing weight and keeping it off permanently has a success rate of about 2-3% which means that about 97% of diets fail.

Therefore, it's vital to be aware that the odds are against us from the beginning of the plan BUT if we are wise and adhere to a healthier lifestyle we can certainly achieve permanent success.

Therefore, the long term health goals might look something like this.

Healthier Cooking Methods, Exercising, Quick Action When Weight Starts to Creep Back On

1. Explore healthy cooking methods that add flavor rather than fat to my meal plate.

2. Continue to exercise at least three times per week at 30 minute intervals.

3. If I start to regain, I will quickly remedy the problem.

In Summary

Achieving a recommended weight - as well as keeping trim is a continuous balancing act and very challenging. By establishing fitness goals it makes us more mindful of what is happening to our body and allows us to better control the situation before it gets out of hand.  More Diet Tips

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