Quick Meals That Won't Blow Your Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Low Calorie Recipes for Your Diet Plan

Step out of that furry cave dress & loincloth and into the Modern Day World with these tasty, low calorie menus that won't blow your diet and that will leave you with enough time on your hands for more important things - like candle making.

Mention the words 'pizza, hamburger or fast food' to a conservative nutritionist or dietitian and they just may run from the room screaming 'Diet Bloody Murder!'   While they're screaming, step over here and we'll fill you in on the facts.

Yes, You Can Have Pizza & Lose Weight Too!

Diet Fact 1: Pizza, hamburgers and fast food can all fit into the healthy daily diet.

Salads, Bland Diets - Not Successful in Producing Permanent Weight Loss Results

Diet Fact 2: Salads and bland diets aren't cutting the mustard when it comes to weight loss as more and more individuals are tipping the scales in the wrong direction these days. It's past time that those doctor-issued bland menus get a well-needed facelift.

Like it or not, most individuals like fast food, pizza, hamburgers, ice cream  - and let's don't forget the all-important  chocolate. Therefore, it just makes good common sense to find methods for fitting those food favorites into the daily diet - either through moderation or 'the slenderizing' of the recipe to reduce calories and fat while retaining good taste.

Monitoring Fats Still Necessary, Even When Counting Calories & Basing Diet on Food Pyramid

Diet Fact #3: A daily diet menu based on calories + the recommended servings from the groups within the trusty Food Pyramid is going to be naturally low in fat.

So if you often find yourself falling off the Diet Wagon due to time constraints, then hop back on because these diet-friendly menus will leave more time for enjoying the simple pleasures of life while incorporating food-favs into the daily menu.

The following Quick Diet-Wise Menu suggestions can be enjoyed for either lunch or dinner and are quick, quick, quick! Simply pick up the foods at the local market whenever you go shopping so they'll be right at hand to save you precious time.

Our quick menus also work well as family pleasers and are budget friendly. Many ingredients may already be found in your kitchen pantry & fridge. After viewing the menus, you can click here for the shopping list OR click here for fast, diet friendly dessert suggestions. And we've also put the shopping list into a handy print out to make your shopping experience quicker. And now for those quick, tasty menus.

Quick Diet Menu #1

Food Group, Recommended Daily ServingsPizza, Garden Green Salad & Low Calorie Beverage

Use frozen pizza from your local market. Both Tombstone Pizza and Red Baron Pizza have delicious versions of pizza that render generous servings. A serving varies from 1/4th to 1/5th of a pizza depending upon the variety of pizza with calories as low as 330 per serving.   330 calories for 1/4th of a pizza is a Diet Deal.   Serve with a bagged salad and light dressing.

What AND How Much to Eat: Enjoy 1 serving of pizza (about 350 calories) and as much of the green salad using minimal salad dressing. Sprinkle pizza with dried peppers or a bit of parmesan cheese if desired. Be sure and grab a low calorie beverage, or water.

Quick Diet Menu #2

Steak & Potato Soup, Buttermilk Biscuits, Garden Green Salad & Low Calorie Beverage

Use Campbell's Steak & Potato soup which tastes more like a lovely stew than soup. Use frozen OR refrigerated biscuits which can be baked in a flash. Serve with a bagged salad and light dressing.

This is a hearty meal that can warm your bones on a cold night. If you enjoy butter on your biscuit, use just a small pat OR save calories by spraying on Parkay no calorie butter spray which is generally located in the dairy section by the butter.

What AND How Much to Eat: Enjoy THE ENTIRE CAN soup (260 calories), 1 biscuit up to 100 calories, 2-4 cups of the green salad + 1 serving of light dressing. Grab a low calorie beverage or water.

Quick Diet Menu #3

Manwich, Potato Chips, Veggie Plate  & Low Calorie Beverage

Use the READY-MADE Manwich which is generally located in the deli or meat section at your local market. Purchase the small hamburger buns and baked potato chips OR enjoy no more than 140 calories of any chips you choose. Enjoy your 'Manwich Sandwich' with pickles, leaf lettuce  and thin slices of onion if desired from the Veggie Plate which also consists of one sliced tomato, a few baby carrots and a serving of light dip.

What AND How Much to Eat: Enjoy 1 Manwich, up to 140 calories of chips, and the Veggie Plate with 2 Tablespoons (or recommended single serving) of light dip.

Quick Diet Menu #4, Fast Food Bonanza Day

Subway Sandwich, Baked Chips & Low Calorie Beverage

Enjoy the Subway sandwich of your choice that resides within the 6 grams of fat or less group. Also enjoy 1 small bag of baked chips. And yes, ignore those tasty cookies.

Grab a low calorie beverage or water.

If Subway isn't your bag, try feasting on Taco Bell using this calorie guide OR any of these Diet BITES fast food calorie guides: Subway | Sonic | Long John Silvers | Mc Donalds | Pizza Hut | Taco Bell | Wendy's | Arbys | KFC | Taco Bueno | Intro to Diet Bites Fast Food Guide | About the Diet Bites Fast Food Guide

Quick Diet Menu #5

Link Sausage, Hot Dog Bun, Slaw, 1/2 cup of Baked Beans  & Low Calorie Beverage

Use fully-cooked link sausage that contains 150 calories or less per serving. Although pricey, we highly recommend the Emeril Lagasee Chicken & Apple link sausage which is absolutely divine. With every bite, there is an 'ooh' or an 'aah' because it's just so good and it's hard to believe that these sausages are so low in calories. Our cost was close to $5.00 for 4 links and these babies are worth $1.25 per link and feed four generously.

For the slaw, use bagged shredded cabbage and carrots and simply add light Miracle Whip, a spoon of real sugar or Splenda, a dash of milk and a dash of celery seed if desired. A few golden raisins also go well with this slaw.

Pan-fry the sausage using non-stick cooking spray then follow the recommended cooking time as directed on package.

A delicious concoction can be created by placing the link into the bun and topping with the slaw.

What AND How Much to Eat: Enjoy 150 calories of sausage, 1/2 cup of canned baked beans (allow 110 calories), 1 cup of slaw, and one 110-calorie hot dog bun. Grab a low calorie beverage or water.

Quick Diet Menu #6

Spaghetti & Meatballs, Breadsticks, Garden Green Salad & Low Calorie Beverage

Use pre-packaged pasta that can be generally be found in the deli section of the market. The pasta is pre-cooked and requires only a couple of minutes in a hot water bath before it's good to go to the table.

Look in the frozen section for fully-cooked meatballs.

Simply combine hot pasta, hot meatballs and your favorite warmed-up can or jar of sauce.

Serve with a bagged salad, light dressing and either hard breadsticks or soft breadsticks from the deli bakery which can be popped into the toaster oven and ready to serve in less than five minutes. Try dusting the breadsticks with butter-flavored cooking spray BEFORE popping into the oven.

What AND How Much to Eat: Enjoy 1 serving of pasta, 1 serving of the meatballs and 1 serving of the sauce. Enjoy 1 breadstick (110 calories) and 2-4 cups of the green salad with 1 serving of the light dressing. Grab a low calorie beverage or water.

Quick Diet Menu #7

Chili Cheese Pie, Garden Green Salad & Low Calorie Beverage

Use chili that contains no more than 200 calories per serving. Stir 1 slice of 60-calorie mozzarella cheese into the hot chili until melted. Spoon hot chili onto 150 calories worth of corn chips.

Serve with a bagged salad and light dressing. Grab a low calorie beverage or water.

Click here for the shopping list.  Click here for fast, diet friendly dessert suggestions.


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