Losing Fat, Reviewing
Past Eating Patterns

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Conquering Your Diet History

You can't go forward until you look your Diet Past in the face and conquer. What makes you tick? Why did you gain weight? Stress? Financial reasons? Peer pressure? Health issues?

There is an ancient saying, " We learn from our mistakes" but you know, some of us require repeated misery until " we finally get it".

Such was my case before I successfully lost weight.

Repeated Dieting Mistakes

I kept repeating my prior mistakes over and over and over again which ended up becoming an even bigger disaster in the end literally because I'd wind up weighing more after I quit my diet than I did before I started my diet.

I played catch-up, enjoying all the foods (and then some) which I had banished from my diet.

One of the common mistakes made by many dieters is that they have a "Diet on the Lamb". In other words, they are on a personal-concocted diet in which they restrict foods rather than being on a diet PLAN.

They may not know how many calories their body requires to achieve weight loss, but they know that cupcakes and donuts are bad - so let's not eat those. In the meantime, please pass the stuffing.

Dieting is Most Successful When One Has a Plan

When one has a plan - whether it involves building something or a diet, then success is more likely to occur. Without a plan we don't know where to start, we don't know where to go to next, we don't know what materials to use and so forth.

And in the end, many dieter's self-built houses wind up looking like something that hurled out of Oz.

But even with buildings and diet plans - the unexpected can occur. Such is life.

What if Contractor Jim builds a house and right in the middle of completion, a giant tumbleweed rolls over the house and pulverizes it?

Smart Jim has a back-up plan.

After consulting with his insurance company, he immediately begins the rebuilding process.

He may lose a bit of ground, but he's up and running as soon as possible.

Such is a good diet plan.

A good diet plan is never without a back-up plan.

Take Dieter Daisy. She is doing great on her diet plan and has lost 20 of the 40 pounds that she needs to lose.

Then one day, out of the clear blue yonder she comes face to face with a giant banana nut muffin. What to do? And she doesn't want to eat just a nibble or two.

Oh no - Daisy wants the whole thing.

So, she pulls out her back-up plan and thumbs quickly through her Table of Diet Contents until she comes across the topic: " What I should do if faced with a giant banana nut muffin." From there, she is able to use her back-up plan and move forward to Weight Loss Success.

Identify your weaknesses, then build a back-up plan to deal with them whether you are dealing with a giant banana nut muffin or the dislike of exercise.

Setting Realistic Weight Loss Goals

To achieve maximum weight loss results, approach weight loss sensibly. Rather than placing your focus on avoiding certain foods, avoid the following instead.

Don't Be Too Restrictive in Energy Values OR Too Excessive in Exercise

- A daily eating plan too restrictive in calories.

- A plan that evokes so much exercise that it's both taxing & brutal on the body - particularly a body in need of dropping a lot of weight.

Avoid Crazy Fad Diet Plans - They Never Work to Render Permanent Weight Loss

- Avoid fad diets.

- Avoid diets that restrict food groups OR one-food type diets.

- Avoid a weight loss plan that is not approved by your doctor or nutritionist.

Tips that will reveal lower numbers on your weight loss scales quicker include:

- A plan that is realistic and which embraces all the food groups that reside within the Official Food Pyramid;

- One that allows sufficient calories so that you don't become a weak, out of energy, worn out, bad-breathed hag while dieting;

- One that allows your favorite foods in moderation - even those Taboo Foods from time-to-time. Taboo Food examples are: ice cream, cupcakes, pies, cookies, gravy and so forth;

- An activity plan that is flexible & one that goes hand in hand with your daily schedule.

Punishment Plan OR Weight Loss Plan?

The bottom line is that when we become too restrictive, our weight loss plan can be recognized by the brain as " Punishment Plan" rather than " Weight Loss Plan".

Remember, your brain is smarter than you are it's capabilities are endless and it has ways of picking up on those repressed vibes and bringing them to your recollection.

And when the tummy gets in cahoots with the brain, it can be a bad thing when food is involved. OR,it can be a great thing when the dieter shows them both who is really in control. Mind over matter - and weight loss really does matter.

Tips on 'How to Weigh Correctly' as well as the Diet Bites recommended weight charts for men & women are located here and can be used to assist you in establishing your weight loss goals.


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