EGCG Enhanced Tea for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

EGCG: epigallocatechin -3- gallate

Diet teas are becoming a big component in the Weight Loss Race and we're beginning to hear more about a tea containing EGCG that can speed up the metabolism, thus producing weight loss. You know, it's like flying up to a cloud, and then back down again.

So just how effective is EGCG when it comes to weight loss - and what might those pesky side effects, if any, be for the body? Or, can the metabolism be sped-up without sustaining negative results?

First, let's start with the benefits then move downward.

EGCG for Weight Loss

If EGCG was a powerhouse for punching down substantial pounds in their tracks, it would be the Weight Loss Miracle that the world has been searching for. However, even though an individual might not ditch all their unwanted weight just by consuming EGCG tea, studies have shown that 90 mg of EGCG three times per day increased the metabolic rate by 4%.

Other good news is that all natural teas contain zero calories and may benefit the dieter by helping to drop those unwanted pounds.

Other benefits of EGCG may include the following.

1. EGCG acts as a potent antioxidant and fights against free radical damage which has been associated with making the body appearing younger while producing more vigor and vim.

This powerful anti-oxidant is:

-   eons more potent than Vitamin E

- about 100 times more potent than Vitamin C

- about twice as potent as red wine's popular resveratrol

2. EGCG may boost the immune system and may even protect against certain viruses, as well as reduce heart risks.

3. EGCG may cut risks for certain diseases such as cancer (from external to internal cancers), as well as combat arthritic symptoms, prolong the onset of diabetes while regulating blood sugars, and green teas with EGCG may also combats or delays other diseases associated with free radicals.

4. EGCG may protect against allergens.

5. EGCG may hold anti-inflammatory powers.

The side-effects of EGCG may include:

- nausea

- difficulty in sleeping

- frequent urination

- irregular heartbeat

- anxiety related issues

While there are popular concoctions of teas containing EGCG on the market, black, white and green teas all contain EGCG with the white and green versions containing more than the black varieties.

Health Warnings & Notes

- It's important to note that teas with EGCG also contain caffeine which may also render the above side-effects.

- Pregnant and nursing moms should not consume EGCG teas.

- EGCG green tea may also contain Vitamin K which should be avoided by heart patients taking blood thinners.

- It's also important to note that controversy has emerged in the health community regarding the benefits of working to rid the body of free radicals which may actually open the door for more serious health issues than the free radicals might have presented.

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