Dieting Cartoon: Relaxing, Weight Gain

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Dieting Cartoon: The Three Couch Potatoes

Fred liked to sit and watch television a lot
Beside him sat Al, and a mouse named Tot
All day they would sit in the same comfy spots
Eating tuna, pizza, cheesecake and red hots

Over time they grew to a much bigger size
Bellies got larger, and even their thighs
Fred ate more while Al asked what
Is that smell - the one that stinks like rot

Diet Cartoon by Diet Bites

Tot lifted his bottom and spied the culprit
Something quite old under where he did sit
Fred thought it looked like an old olive pit
While Al through otherwise as he looked at it

After much study, they all agreed at once
It was a part of a potato from one past lunch
A fried potato, they had eaten quite a bunch
Because Couch Potatoes never cease to munch....


Dieting Cartoon: Balance Exercise With Relaxation

A healthy weight reduction plan always balances exercise (activity) with relaxation. However, when we relax a wee bit too much the result is unused energy from the foods and drinks that we have consumed throughout the day.

If we eat more calories than we use, the result is always stored fat which in turn adds unpleasant and uncomfortable layers to the body - whether it's the human body or a frog one. Look below to see what laziness did to poor Harry's once-trim figure.

Diet Cartoon by Diet Bites


Exercise Until You Drop. Really??

Whenever you think about going on a diet plan, what are your initial thoughts? What pops into your mind? If you're like most, probably a mix of the following.

1. I must eat a healthy diet. No more cookies, doughnuts or fat food....I mean 'fast' food.


2. I can't eat as much as I used to if I'm serious about losing weight.

3. But once all the excess body fat is gone, I'll be done and I can go back to my former, relaxed way of eating.

4. Sad but so, I have to add lots of exercise into my new diet or it's not going to work.

Almost All of the Above Assumptions are Totally False

Really? YES! Let's look at the situation one at a time.

1. A healthy diet includes ALL foods, even an occasional cookie, doughnut or a fast food drive-by.

2. You actually could eat as much 'in bulk' in the way of raw vegetables but to be logic, yes you will need to decrease the amount of CALORIES you're consuming because this amount is too much and is keeping you at an overweight state - you're consuming more energy than your body is using, so it's storing the excess calories as future energy.

3. If you want to keep your thinner shape, you can't go back; you must be willing to make a life change.

4. Exercise will strengthen your body and bones but one can definitely lose weight without exercising. However, for optimum health your body requires exercise. BUT, not a plethora as recommended by numerous fad diet plans. Moderation is key.


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