3 Day Tuna Diet - Review of the 3 Day Tuna Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Can a diet rich in tuna produce quick weight loss results?

While tuna is low in calories at about 100 calories per 3 ounces, the 3 Day Tuna Diet is more trout than tuna.

Here is why we feel the 3 Day Tuna Diet might do more harm than good.

Health Risks of 3 Day Tuna Diet

Methyl Mercury & Health Risks

Eating an excess of tuna can  raise mercury levels within the body to unhealthy limits. Albacore tuna is high on the list of fish which require limits for consumption.

Why mercury concerns?

The larger the species of fish, the longer that it has resided in the ocean, absorbing mercury. But it's not the only big fish to limit in the diet; others include the shark, tilefish and swordfish.

Lacks a Pattern for Establishing Healthy Eating After Plan Ends

- The 3 Day Tuna Diet does not offer the dieter a pattern for healthy eating which incorporates the ability to make smart choices. Man cannot live by tuna alone.

Weight Loss Results From Water & Muscle Mass Loss Rather Than Stored Fat Loss

- Typical weight loss is false as the protein ushers water from the body rather than fat. Water loss does not equal fat loss and for some individuals, weight loss plans that place the focus on water loss due to protein gram consumption can pose serious health risks, including death.

Individuals at Greatest Risk for 3 Day Tuna Diet

Dieters who are at highest risk include those with kidney disease, diabetes - including hidden diabetes, as well as those with certain heart conditions.

In Conclusion

Lost Weight Quickly Returns

When the diet is discarded, any weight loss can quickly return, which is the typical response for fad diet results; any weight that is lost is generally very short-lived and when the dieter returns to their former daily diet - guess what happens?

All the weight returns at a rather rapid pace and the majority of the time, it has a few pounds to join it. Talk about hook, line and sinker....

Stinky Plan

Who wants to smell like fish for 3 days? In our opinion, the 3 Day Tuna Diet is a real stinker.

Food Pyramid, Best Module for Losing Fat & Achieving Permanent Weight Loss

A better and healthier - and yes, a more effective weight loss plan is to built your meal plate around the American Food Pyramid; embrace a healthy first meal of the day. Cut out sugary beverages as well as fatty fast-food drive bys. Inject a healthy and moderate dose of any activity into your weight loss plan that you'll keep on doing way after your diet has ended.

As to tuna, yes - do insert it into your weight loss plan as it makes a fine selection for your meal plate as long as it's packed in water rather than oil. Tuna is mined with healthy Omega 3's which can boost health.

Fact is, any type of weight loss plan - no matter how popular - that is based on one food or food group isn't a healthy diet; the human body requires all the food group for its total nutritional picture.

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