Triple Meat, Triple Cheese
Triple By-Pass Please

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Cholesterol, Big Burgers & Heart Attacks - Oh goody!

Life's standard has always been, "The more that you get for your buck, the better!"  

But is more always better?  

Particularly in the case of doubling and tripling up food items - including everything from burgers to fries.  It's about the same as ordering, "One triple by-pass please," rather than using the usual burger lingo.

Which brings us to the controversy of , "Just who should pay for that triple by-pass surgery? The consumer? Or, the food pusher?"

Food pushers (i.e. restaurants, fast 'fooderies', movie concession stands and so forth) adhere to the theory that consumers 'weigh in' at fault.  

They just offer the service and can't help that they make the food look so tasty, and taste so good, and offer it at such a low price, and that the consumer consumes too much fat, sugar and dough.  

Consumers Addicted to Food, Particularly Fast Food

What they will not acknowledge is that most of the consumers who are consuming the unhealthy food offerings are addicted to food.  

With that said, should the food pushers be held responsible for health problems their patrons may experience?

One meal-deal, or twenty meal-deals don't make up a person's complete Health Report Card.  It's a combination of many things.  

It's the reason that some people can eat grease and cheese every day and never experience an unhealthy Heart Day in their life, and why others can be as careful as an elk on ice and experience a massive coronary at mid-life.  

Exercise, genes, metabolism and so forth are just a few of the elements that play into the Picture of Health.

However, food pushers shouldn't be let off the hook so easily.  In many instances, they are the reason that consumers get addicted to unhealthy food offerings in the first place.

And food pushers don't stop with simple fried potatoes.  

They add cheese, sour cream and chili and even onion ring crunchies to the top of the fries so that the unhealthy food offering contains more calories than the sea has salt. And yes, they even add a lot of that, too - salt that is.

Restaurants, Responsibility to Consumers

In looking  at the situation from a practical manner, food pushers should have a responsibility to deliver more than friendly service and a potential serving of Heart Attack Pie to the consumer.  

They should also have a responsibility to tell the consumer just what is inside that Heart Attack Pie - the number of calories, the grams of fat, cholesterol, sodium and additional additives.

But of course, that might put their 'secret recipes' at great risk.  But what's life without a little risks along the "weigh"?

But no matter how addicted one is to food, they may just stop and think twice if those food wrappers did more than just put a little oil on the hands.


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