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Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipes

Written by Diet Bites

Our Original Diet Recipe

We have tortilla soup recipes running out of our ears at Diet Bites!  Tortilla soup is one of the more favored soups, especially among dieters.

Why?  For one, soup is ultra filling and if the dieter feels full, they are less likely to go gathering nuts and goodies.

Soups that contain 'free food' (basically foods that contain the minimal of calories such as carrots, celery and cucumber) can be incorporated into your weight loss program and may help cut down your overall calorie intake.

An exciting 'diet thing' regarding our tortilla soup is that the recipe base can be made with fat-free or low fat chicken broth, which translates to minimal calories.  In fact, a can of fat-free chicken broth contains less calories than one large carrot.

Generally, lean chicken is added to the low calorie chicken broth base. Other than the strips of corn tortilla, and the cheese that tortilla soup is generally garnished with, all other ingredients are very diet friendly.

Chicken Tortilla Soup Recipes at Diet Bites

Listed below are a few versions of tortilla soup that originated in our most humble and quaint kitchen, each delicious in its own healthy way.

Enjoy with a tall glass of unsweetened iced tea, reduced fat milk or naturally sweetened (or sugar reduced) juice. Don't forget to don a glittery sombrero. Ole!

Diet Bites for weight loss and dieting results

Tuscan  Tortilla Soup (Our Favorite!)
Chicken Tortilla Soup and Indian Bread
Ultra Easy Chicken Tortilla Soup

Carb Friendly Tortilla Soup

Fiesta Tortilla Soup

Senorita's Tortilla Soup

The Traditional Recipe Ingredients

Almost all contain bits of real chicken in chopped or shredded form. Traditional recipes also contain the squeeze of lime - whether from concentrate or a fresh lime, in addition to some type of tortilla strip or chip which goes on top of the finished soup along with shredded cheese. The traditional cheese used is of the white variety such as Monterey Jack, White American or Mozzarella.

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