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The risks and things to consider before undergoing weight loss surgery.

The treatment for weight loss in the area of surgery is rapidly changing as we learn more and more about technology. Anything written on the topic of surgical procedures is likely to be outdated as soon as it's written - that's how quickly things are changing in the medical world.

In the old days, a woman getting a hysterectomy could expect to stay in the hospital about six weeks following surgery in order to make a favorable recovery. Women thought very seriously before going under the knife.

Back more than 40 years ago, I used to go with my father who was a pastor to visit the sick in the hospital and we saw more than one recuperating lady.

My oh my - how things have changed. Now days a hysterectomy is typically an overnight stay at the hospital now that laser surgery and larposcopy have been introduced in the surgical theater.

Even so, surgery of any type doesn't come without serious risks in today's world.

Surgery is like entering into the Land of the Unknown as the surgeon never knows exactly how the body will respond to the procedure, the medications or even the anesthesia.

Things don't always go as planned. Maybe the patient will experience a negative reaction to the surgical procedure. Maybe the surgeon will find something more when they go into the body. Maybe the patient might do something very unexpected - such as going into a coma or cardiac arrest. Perhaps the patient was taking something as simple as vitamins and failed to notify their surgeon of such and experience hemorrhaging due to such. Even following the surgery, risks are substantial such as for blood cots.

Even when the situation is ideal, there are still risks in the healthiest of individual. But thankfully, things go right rather than wrong. Even so, the patient must weigh the risks.

In the area of surgeries related to weight gain some questions to ponder as well as to discuss with your surgeon include:

- What are the risks associated with the procedure?

- How long will it take to perform the procedure?

- What results will be the expected outcome of the procedure?

- What is the recovery time associated with this procedure?

- What medications will I be given? What medications as well as foods and over the counter products should I avoid before the surgical procedure?

- If the procedure is optional - and it almost-always is where weight-related surgery is concerned, what are my risks? Is my current weight more dangerous health-wise than if I have the procedure? And how will the procedure improve my quality of life?

Be sure to do some careful thinking before you make your choice. Other than removal of sagging skin after weight loss, a daily diet lower in calories and higher in activity can trigger natural weight loss without the expense and risks associated with surgery

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