Weight Loss Success Stories

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

It's weight loss story time!  This is a collection of weight loss success stories shared by our readers.  Learn how they did it & how they keep it off.  

These wonderful clips are sometimes inspirational, sometimes emotional - but they all have a very happy ending.  I like that, don't you?

The Rise & Fall of Beth's Scales

Beth started gaining weight when she was a teenager, right after she purchased her first car. Follow her ups and downs and see how she over-powered her weight gain issue and moved forward to experience weight loss success.

Farah's Story

This is a true-life experience of a lady who battled with over fifty stubborn pounds.

Her story is very heartwarming and in the beginning, she felt overwhelmed - like there was no way that she would ever be thin. But she accomplished such in just six short months.

We remain in touch with dear Farah and she has kept off all of her lost weight - so we're very proud of her accomplishment.

The Tortoise & The Hare

Do you remember the story of the rabbit and the turtle? That arrogant and cocky rabbit made it his job to make turtle's life as miserable as possible. But yes, revenge was sweet - and slow and steady really does win the race, particularly when it comes to weight loss.

Kara's Story

Kara's name rhymes with Farah's so how fitting it was to find that Kara also had fifty pounds to lose.

She was experiencing some troubling high cholesterol issues and therefore, she had to lose pounds for her health rather than the more common reason for losing weight - that being, appearance. Now at 125 pounds - she is quite healthy indeed.

Zelda Loses 50 Pounds

Zelda had reached the lowest place in her life where her weighty issues were concerned. She wasn't experiencing clinical depression, just riddled with guilt and disgust over those excess pounds. Let's see how she overcome the battle with some savvy sense.

I Was A Teenage Goblin

This story is about a dieter who was overweight in her teen years and how she had a moment in time that changed her life forever.

William's Story

This weight loss success story is told by one of our Texas readers. Learn how he beat the scales and climbed to a thin.

Jack's Story

This story from reader Jack, a retired Marine, really touched us when we received it and it is one of our favorite ones to date.

Shelly's Story

This dieter had 100 pounds to lose and she had been overweight most of her life - as a child and the weight simply carried over into her adulthood. Another inspirational story from reader Shelly.

Larry's Birdseed Diet

A humorous success story with a happy ending.

A Cup of Joe

Reader Joe had twenty-five pounds to lose and worked in a restaurant. Learn what worked for him as he shares his story.


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