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Stomach Stapling & Gastric Surgical Procedures for Weight Loss

Written by Diet Bites

Weighing the Risks of Surgery for Fat Loss

Contemplating surgery for quick weight loss results?  If so, the following information may be of help in understanding both the benefits and the risks involved with stomach stapling surgery, gastric and bariatric surgeries for weight loss.

Basically, there are two types of gastric surgeries that are (currently) most commonly used to combat severe obesity: Restrictive Surgery (Stomach Stapling) and Malabsorptive Surgery (shortening the digestive track).

As weight loss surgery isn't something to be taken lightly (no pun intended), the individual should exhaust all available avenues before even considering this evasive surgery.  

One criteria the 'patient' must meet is to be severely obese. 'Severe obesity' is defined by the medical populous as '100 pounds overweight'.  With so many 'standard weight' charts in the world today, the individual contemplating weight loss surgery has to do a bit of investigating just to determine if they are truly 100 pounds overweight.  More information on this topic can be read at Diet Bites by clicking here.

Gastric Surgery comes with high health risks and may even be fatal.

At this point, the person considering the surgery must weigh the risks:

Are they more at risk being overweight?

Or, would the surgery pose more risks than being overweight?

It takes months to recover from Gastric Surgery.  On the other hand, it's not unusual for the dieter who is 100 or more pounds overweight to lose a vast amount of weight in a shorter amount of time than gastric surgery recovery requires.

Gastric surgery is not a guarantee for permanent  weight loss.  In fact, weight loss may be minimal, or weight gain may even ensue. Click here for more details.

Gastric surgery doesn't mean that 'dieting is a done deal'.  

Depending on the type of weight loss surgery that the individual undergoes, their daily diet will have to be monitored closely to ensure:

They are getting their minimum daily nutrition requirements;

Food overage doesn't occur or weight gain will follow.

The potential patient must be prepared to face serious health problems that could be caused from the procedure. Some health problems may take years to develop.

Bariatric surgery isn't cheap - but these days, more and more insurance companies are paying for the surgery viewing such as a long-term investment in the insured's health, thus less medical bills in their future.

Additional surgeries may be needed to correct any health problems that occur due to the surgery. It may also be desirable to have an additional surgery to remove skin sag, which not only weighs down, but masks the patient's weight loss success.

Many people have been able to reach and realize their weight loss dreams by opting to undergo gastric surgery. The decision should be one of doctor and patient.

Weight Loss Surgery Techniques

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