Skinny Enchiladas Recipe
Low in Calories To Fit
Into Your Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Lower Calorie Enchilada Recipe for Your Diet Plan

Our low calorie recipe for Skinny Enchiladas is dynamite where flavor, texture and calories are concerned but it won't blow up your weight loss plan.

Oh my, we're doing the Pase Doble in the Diet Bites kitchen! If you love enchiladas but are watching calories for weight loss, we hope you'll love our low calorie recipe for Skinny Enchiladas.

Simple - with only the following ingredients: corn tortillas, your favorite salsa or picante sauce, skim milk, no calorie butter spray, Velveeta Cheese and string cheese.  The following recipe makes enough for two hungry Spanish dancers.

The string cheese goes a long way and provides a rich mild cheese flavor that isn't fake-tasting.

Our Skinny Enchiladas will also fit nicely into most Vegetarian diets.  No oven either as this recipe is a microwave gem!

Other Diet Perks for our Skinny Enchiladas:

They take less than five minutes to make.

They keep well for lunch away from home, as well as for leftovers.

Calories for FOUR Skinny Enchiladas is about 350 calories with the option of onions.

Low Calorie Recipe for Skinny Enchiladas

Let's recap our ingredients for a quick calorie verification count and a few 'food notes':

8 Corn tortillas which contain about 1/2 the calories as their flour tortilla counterpart.  We used a brand that contains 40 calories per tortilla. Total - about 320 calories.

Salsa or picante sauce - about 2 Tablespoons (About 30 calories)

No Calorie Butter Spray - 0 Calories (You can also use buttery flavored non-stick cooking spray.)

Velveeta Cheese - 2 ounces for about 160 calories.

1/2 Cup Skim Milk - be sure to use skim to cut the calories. About 40 calories.

String Cheese - Skim Mozzarella Cheese - 2 sticks for total of 120 calories.  

Optional - Sauté about 1/2 cup of chopped onions in non-stick butter-flavored cooking spray to fill tortillas; also sprinkle on top before microwaving.

How to Prepare Our Skinny Enchiladas

Diet Enchilada RecipeWrap the tortillas in paper towels and place into the microwave for about 1 minute - or until soft.  Be careful when working with the warm tortillas because they will be hot!

While you are working with your enchilada rolls, heat the following in the microwave: the Velveeta Cheese, skim milk and picante sauce.

As your cheese topping melts, carefully remove one tortilla at a time.  

Spray generously with the no calorie butter spray OR pour butter spray into a bowl and dip the tortillas.  

Next, cut each piece of the string cheese into 4 strips - lengthwise. Place one into each tortilla - along with the sauteed onions if desired.  Roll into the common enchilada roll.  

Remove melted cheese sauce from microwave, stir to incorporate well.  Pour over enchilada rolls.  Place into microwave and heat until cheese is bubbly - about 1 minute.

Other Skinny Enchilada fillers include: sauteed sliced mushrooms, diced white chicken breast and light sour cream.


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