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Size of Average Woman in America

Written by Diet Bites

Size of the Average American Woman

The current size (and take note that this is continually changing as time goes by) is a Size 14. Fifty years ago, it was a size 8.

View images from fifty years ago and you'll be more likely to see women wearing fancy hats and dresses - as well as high heeled shoes and stockings rather than comfortable looking clothing.

Men will most likely be dressed as if they were preparing to go to church - in suits or white shirts and ties. Most wore leather shoes or loafers. No sweats back then.

Current Fashion for the American Woman

In today's world, females attend in jeans, shorts and t-shirts. The heels have been replaced with tennis shoes. We state all of this to depict how rapidly trends change.

I was recently reminded of how rapidly our culture is changing when I viewed photographs from our State Fair dating back to the 1950's. In our state [in Dallas, Texas], the fair is held every year in October and it's generally quite warm. There have been times when we've attended when we left with sunburn.  Yet people in the pictures I viewed had women wearing fancy hats and gloves, and dresses - and the men, suit coats and shiny loafers. If I'm remembering correctly the fair used to be held a tab earlier in the year which meant that it was even warmer at the time.

Is Size a Number Related to the Status of Health?

Just about everyone that I've ever met in life is either self-conscious or concerned about that number that is reflected on their bathroom scales every time that they decide to hop onto the thing.

Fact is, most bath scales contain a good pound of dust because they aren't used regularly. But of course, that's an entirely different article.

If you find that you are a few pounds more than your doctor's chart recommends, then we hope that you'll work to melt those off.

The thing about 'just a few extra pounds' is that they almost-always turn into 'a lot of extra' fat - that you don't want. Until you lose the fat, strive to be happy no matter what size you are.

We can always decrease in weight - it's not like it is set in stone, even though it may feel at times like it's never going to come off.

State of Health Most Important Factor

While size may matter to many individuals, one's state of health is based more upon the condition of the human body in question. Individuals who are considered thin by certified weight charts doesn't mean they are fit. And those who are tipping the scales a bit more than they should doesn't mean they aren't fit.

In fact, many overweight individuals are in better physical condition than those who are either thin or at their normal recommended size.

For example, Betty is currently 25 pounds overweight based on her doctor's charts. She does admit to grabbing too many snacks as well as going back for second helpings, and she has never been a woman who it picky when the holidays arrive.

She makes it a point to try all of the desserts as well as enjoy her day without worrying about how much she is eating and drinking - as well as the caloric values contained within her selections.

Betty is also very active. She runs everyday for two miles. She also plays baseball on a local team.

On the other hand, Vera watches everything that passes through her lips and which might end up on her hips. Based on her doctor's charts, she is about ten pounds underweight.

Vera doesn't like to sweat and feels that it is totally unacceptable for a woman. She enjoys most of her days either watching television or playing on her computer. When she heads off to work she sits at the reception desk for the majority of her day.

When it's time to eat, rather than bothering with the cooking she tends to slide into fast food restaurants for take-out, always taking care to monitor the amount of kcals contained within her choices.

Betty's doctor is quite pleased with her health but does advise her to drop a few pounds in order to be at optimum health.

On the other hand, Vera's news from her doctor wasn't so good. Because she is inactive, her heart isn't working properly. In addition, the foods that she eats in her daily diet are typically extreme in sodium content, thus contributing to her high blood pressure issues. Her doctor advises her to eat healthier and get out and exercise.

In Summary

While the size of the body is very important to most women, it's one's state of health that should be the top concern. If we don't feel well, we're not going to look well either - no matter which size we are.

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