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Welcome to Diet Bites!

Looking for free diet plans? Menus? Exercise and nutrition tips? What about weight maintenance? Are your scales nutsy coo-coo these days? Do they seem to rise and fall more often than the sun and moon? Stars even?

We have thousands of articles that will keep you on track to a healthy body. If anyone knows that successful weight loss is possible, I've been there, done that - and you can too! ~Sky Taylor, your weight loss navigator. 

Our Goal? To Assist You in Getting Healthier While Losing Weight Safely

Our chief objective at Diet Bites is to assist you in meeting your weight loss goals in a healthy and permanent manner.

Sky [that's me] writes the articles you'll find at Diet Bites. My knowledge is based on college nutrition courses, personal experience with weight loss, and personal health studies and experiments; I am also certified in first aid - but please don't faint on me!

In addition, I am an internationally published author, and have written thousands of weight loss and fitness articles.

Thomas has a Bachelors of Science degree in biology and is the source for much of the statistical data and health knowledge for our content, ensuring with me that all the nutrition information and data is accurate.

Diet Bites is considered an authoritative and trusted source for losing weight and getting healthy; we base a healthy weight loss diet on the official American Food Pyramid. We have received awards for Diet Bites content.

If you are burdened with the overweight blues, and you don't think that anyone truly cares - think again. We do! We truly want you to succeed in your weight loss journey, a journey that can be very painful, yet truly rewarding! We understand the struggles and the pain that cross one's mind during the weight loss process and are devoted in helping you meet and/or exceed your fitness goals.  

We support the idea that fitness and weight management can be accomplished by using basic tools: a calorie book, a common bath scale, a few measuring spoons and cups, and a good pair of walking shoes.

About 'so-called- Diet & Weight Loss Gurus

The majority of Diet Gurus have never seen a fat day in their life. How could they possibly know what the dieter is experiencing during dieting - particularly a dieter that has many pounds to lose?

How could they know the pitfalls? The emotional pain of being overweight? The struggle to lose weight, only to regain it shortly after a botched diet? About how judgemental people can be towards the overweight individual?  It's a bit like blind leadership -  like rich politicians who cannot relate to the common man because they've never experienced the common way of life.

I KNOW what you feel, I KNOW what you want and I KNOW how to get you there!  

As you read through the information at Diet Bites you'll look at dieting through the heart, the soul and the mind of someone who achieved great weight loss success (well over 100 pounds) AND who has maintained that weight for over a decade.  

That's why Diet Bites is a bit different from the others. We focus on diet and fitness motivation through humor! We want to make your diet fun! To help you feel good about yourself - and to be comfortable losing weight.

The articles are free, the continuous updates are free, the tools are free, the recipes are free, the motivation is free - so feel free to hop in and use what is here. It was created for you, to help you successfully conquer weight and fitness. Please enjoy to the fullest and share with your friends and family!

Diet Bites Free Menus, Diet Planners & our Weight Loss Program

Before beginning any type of diet plan or menu, you will need to get with your doctor for approval to ensure that you are physically able to pursue a diet, as well as to root out hidden illnesses and diseases that may be contributing to weight gain.

If you are a fan of Diet Bites please share us with your family and friends. And thank you so much for visiting us!


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