The Negative Side Effects of
Healthy Foods While Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Have you ever heard the old saying, "Too much of a good thing?"  

That can also apply to healthy foods because there is a line in the Diet Sand that shouldn't be crossed in regards to consumption.

Too much of any good thing can kill a fellow - and his bride, too.

The side effects of a poor diet have been broadcast widely, but little is mentioned about the side effects of a healthy diet.  A poor diet is doomed to higher risks for heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer and yes - bloating. All are scary things to this about.

We eat too much - the body explodes to new proportions and we're suddenly in deep Diet Voodoo. It happens. And it happens to the best of us - and at times, to the most careful dieter of them all.

While the poor diet consists of too many unhealthy food choices, or perhaps too much of any food - the healthy diet is chiefly mined with those healthier foods which assist in keep the individual's weight to its recommended, healthy level.

However, almost all foods, when eaten in large quantity, may have serious side effects stemming from mouth ulcers to death. That's almost up there with bloating, isn't it?

Can you guess which of these common foods can be fatal when too much of 'the normally good food' is ingested?

The Diet Truth & Nothing But the Diet Truth!Nutmeg  The Diet Truth & Nothing But the Diet Truth!Sodium but more commonly known as salt   The Diet Truth & Nothing
But the Diet Truth!Apple Seeds   The Diet Truth & Nothing But the Diet Truth!Water, Spring water included

The Diet Truth & Nothing But the Diet Truth!If you answered 'ALL', then you are correct! You get to pass go, but you don't get a donut. When it comes to rewards at dieting spots on the web, rewards generally come in the form of pounds lost and not gained. BUT - we can have an occasional donut while dieting as long as we allow for the caloric values in our daily totals. So heck yeah - if you haven't reached your totals for the day, then go for it.

Health Risks Associated With Weight Loss

Here are some more effects generated by too much of a good thing:

Diet Bites - Heart Smart  Along with the healthy benefits of fiber in the healthier daily diet arises the problem of gas for many individuals.  Yes, you guessed it - this triggers bloating.

Diet Bites - Heart SmartAlthough vitamin tablets assist the dieter in meeting nutritional goals, they make some people feel like they are going to toss their cookies. And while adequate Vitamin C assists in boosting immunity, too much Vitamin C triggers the uncomfortable and at times, embarrassing trots. Giddy up, pardner!

Diet Bites - Heart SmartAlthough salt is necessary in the diet, too much salt equates to too much sodium and can render serious health consequences in those individuals with certain medical conditions, such as the heart and circulatory system.  Many foods that are considered healthy are mined with hidden sodium.

Therefore, eat well, eat healthy - but also know your daily limits. And when you start on that spiffy weight loss plan, take care with the leafy greens, other vegetables and fruits as they can contribute heavily to gas and you-know-what. Yes, bloating.


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