Healthy Scarecrow's Stash
a Diet Recipe for Halloween

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Healthy, Low In Calories, Low In Fat Diet Recipes For Halloween

Halloween Diet Recipe Ingredients

Low in fat and calories! Perfect for party snacking - and so easy to prepare with minimal fuss. If small children are going to be attending the party, this recipe is not for them as nuts pose a choking hazard for little ones.

You will need the following ingredients to prepare this Halloween recipe - but it can certainly be enjoyed during the year, too.

8 cups of Honey Oat Cereal (Cheerios OR Chex Cereals both work well)

2 cups of dried fruits (apricots/pineapples/raisins/cranberries - dark & golden)

1/2 cup of mixed nuts

2 cups of mini pretzels

1 box of LIME sugar free gelatin OR regular lime gelatin if you prefer

(dry mix only - do NOT add water)

Add Your Choice of the Following Ingredients

You'll need something to add to the mix that will allow the gelatin to stick.  We suggest one of the following:

1 Tablespoon of Vanilla OR Rum flavoring

1-2 Tablespoons of No Calorie Butter Spray

Place everything in a large plastic bag EXCEPT the gelatin and shake until well mixed. Add the DRY gelatin mix and shake again until well coated.  

Add a few packs of Splenda if an especially sweet mix is desired. Additional drops of green food coloring can also be added if you like your Scarecrow really green.  

Note Regarding Artificial Sweetener

If you are serving this to a group of children, use SPLENDA only and the REAL gelatin unless your physician has approved use of other artificial sweeteners.

Healthy Trail Mix Recipe

If you prefer you can prepare a traditional healthy trail mix for your party guests. Because nuts pose choking risks for children, this is best served at an adult party.

The picture below is a recipe which incorporates lots of healthy nuts, including pistachios, and you can use it as a guide in creating your own mix. We prefer using raw nuts in our mix and adding bits of dried fruits.

Limiting Calories on Halloween

As with any holiday, it's terrifically easy to get caught in the web of magic - and that web is often filled with foods that are extreme in caloric and dietary fat values.

Healthy Trail Mix Recipe for HalloweenLike giant spiders, these food draw the dieter into their web with tempting delicacies that generally include commercially prepared pizza, potato and corn and cheese and tortilla chips, and of course mountains of full-blown dips that the heavily salted chips can be dipped into.

Why these are all common foods at holiday Halloween parties, like Cupid and Bunny day, this holiday is mined with chocolates.

The chocolates have transformed from hearts and bunnies into mummies - and these mummies are more frightening to your weight loss plan than the ones in the movies that live in those web-filled sarcophagus.

Therefore, when you feel yourself being drawn to treats that hold more trick than treat, then it's time to draw back - out of harm's way because the result will be'll be stuck in that web of weight gain until you can shave the pounds off again.

And with the super holidays approaching (turkey day and red man in a suit day) then it's going to be super hard to shed any pounds that are gained.

Happy Halloween from Diet Bites!


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