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Salad Dressed to Destruct Your Diet

Written by Diet Bites

Even Salads Can Be Unhealthy

Just look at Dieter Dottie in the picture below. She is looking forward to digging into her salad, assuming that she is going to lose weight by opting to travel down Salad Lane.

Unfortunately, this item can be both healthy and unhealthy. Let's see the keys to an unhealthy salad.

Too Much Salt Equals an Unhealthy Salad

S - stands for the sodium content contained therein. When excessive, Dottie will blow up like a blimp, her body holding retained water for several days.

Added Foods Can Add Big Calories, Lots of Fat Grams

A - Additives that contain fat will always contain calories. Croutons, bacon bits - when enjoyed in moderation, all is well. But when overdone, so is the weight loss plan.

Adding Fried Things to Salads Boost Unhealthy Lipid Content

L - Lots of fat equals a creation loaded with lipids. While grilled chicken contains a good amount of cholesterol milligrams - it pales in comparison to fried and battered chicken.

And when we add proteins such as fried chicken or fried steak to our salad bowl, we're also adding the unhealthier fatty acids - like saturated and Trans fat. These tend to get stored in the upper abdominal area, commonly referred to as belly fat. But take note that consumed energy values become stored if they are over the amount that the body uses for the day in order to perform necessary bodily functions as well as in satisfying our energy needs to perform tasks and activities throughout our day.

Be a Wise Dieter Rather Than a Wide Eater by Controlling the Amounts of Dressing Used, in Addition to the Types - Low Fat is Best for Keeping Fat Grams & Calories Under Wraps

A - Which brings us to - ALL that dressing that Dottie plans to put on top. after all, ranch goes swell with fried chicken.

The Fattier the Salad, the More Delicious the Bite

D - Delicious but unfortunately, deadly to a restricted diet plan. Fast Food Salads Rich in Fat, Calories

Woman eating salad on a diet.

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