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Don't feel too sad if you didn't get the answer correct.

Our quizzes are intended to assist with gaining knowledge where your good health is concerned and also to help you beat weight gain and lose that unwanted weight.

I always tell dieters that if you fall off your Diet Horse it's vital to get right back on the horse and keep riding forward at a fast pace. Gallop, don't lope.

A few quick tips to help keep you on track:

While activity is continuously recommended for weight loss results, sleep is equally vital for weight loss results as well as a rested body and a feeling of well being.

Think about this... When you're awake you have all sorts of opportunities to eat.

When you're sleeping - unless you sleepwalk to the refrigerator or pantry, you're not being tempted unless it's in your dreams. Andif your dreams are like most dieters, you're actually enjoying one of your favorite goodies to the fullest.

Just a few years ago health experts were droning on the negative health implications connected with sitting in front of the television for long periods of time.

It was nothing to read about how individuals were 'hooked' or 'addicted' to television which took away time that could be used for activity. To define these types of individuals the phrase 'couch potato' came on board.

Then the age of computer games arrived. Kids and adults alike spend hours on end playing computer games that do nothing more than entertain their minds - much like television.

Sure, we can learn from both television as well as computer games but we don't play or watch to learn, rather for entertainment purposes.

Then the computer area arrived. It has taken a few short years for social networking to become part of the computer age. Soon, we'll have no need for television as the shows will be accessed via broadband computer.

When everything is said and done, while 'inactive' entertainment modes can provide us with pleasure, there is nothing that can take the place of old-fashioned exercise for optimum health.

In summary, while both relaxation and activity are vital to overall health, our weight impacts our level of health more than any other factor.

Take Jane who was 50 pounds overweight and suffered from high blood pressure on her last visit to her doctor's office.

Unlike most doctors, he decided not to put Jane on high blood pressure medication due to the potential risks and side effects.

He asked Jane to lose 10 pounds to see if that would reduce her blood pressure without medications. She did as he recommended and her blood pressure reached healthy levels.

Her cholesterol readings also registered a vast improvement after 90 days of embracing a healthy diet plan. Jane continued to lose weight and gain a higher level of health.


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