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A quiz that will help you eat smarter & keep cholesterol in check! Choose wisely and good luck!

The correct answers as well as additional information on this subject are located beneath the quiz.

1. The white of the egg has no cholesterol or no fat.



2. The egg white of a large egg contains about:

50 calories

15 calories


3. The egg yolk of a large egg contains about:

60 calories

35 calories


4. Raw eggs may harbor a bacteria known as:



5.The daily recommended limit for cholesterol consumption is:

1,500 mg

300 mg


6. The yolk of a large egg contains:

Enough cholesterol to equal one's daily recommended intake.

More than two-thirds of the recommended daily consumption of cholesterol


7. This famous star played 'The Egghead' in Batman, the classic TV series of the 1960's.

Mister Clean

Vincent Price

Answers & special notes on this health quiz:

1. True; the cholesterol mg of the egg are all contained within the yolk - and that's no yolk!

2. The egg white is very minimal in calories; the correct answer is 15 calories.

3. On the other hand the egg yolk not only contains the entire bulk of cholesterol mg but also the bulk of calories at 60 per large egg.

4. Salmonella is a common bacteria found in eggs that can make the individual very ill. Symptoms of Salmonella Poisoning include:diarrhea, fever, nausea, abdominal cramping, sweating and weakness which develops 12 hours to 72 hours after exposure.

The illness due to infection may last from 4 days to one week.

5. 300 mg is the correct response.

6. More than 2/3rd's is the correct response. One reason why recommendations limit eggs to one per day and that includes eggs which may be an ingredients in recipes eaten throughout the day.

7. That would be Mister Vincent Price.

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