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Test your Diet Guru knowledge with this fun quiz!

1. This diet guru wants to 'Stop the Insanity!"

Richard Simmons

Susan Powter

2. Fitness pioneer of the 1960's forward. Was often seen outfitted in a black leotard body suit with Batman no where in sight.

Jack LaLanne

Richard Simmons

3. This diet guru is famous for protesting the Vietnam war. She is also a famous actress with a famous father who was also an actor (must be in the genes-type-thing).  Her work-out videos/tapes have helped millions lose weight.

Jane Dough

Jane Fonda

4. Guru of a controversial high protein, low carb diet.

Dr. Watson

Dr. Atkins

5. This diet guru developed her own fitness plan after gaining 20 pounds.  She is perhaps best known for endorsing a  thigh gadget which she demonstrated on television via leg motion akin to that of a butterfly's wings. She is also one fine actress and a beautiful person.

Suzanne Somers

Cindy Crawford

6. This hot-looking female guru is a very successful model & actress. Her weight loss tapes are top sellers.

Kathy England

Kathy Ireland

7. This weight loss guru once consumed an entire jar of mustard at a single setting when no other food was available. He has helped millions of people lose weight OR at least take a second look at their diet. In addition, he is an author, a part-time actor, and an inspiration - and a pretty dog-gone great chef. He is also the inventor of the successful 'Deal-A-Meal'.

Richard Simmons

Charles Atlas

Answers & special notes on this weight loss guru quiz:

1. Susan Powter has influenced and energized so many people to seek out fitness and a healthier diet to enrich and lengthen their life span, as well as the quality of their life. Susan is also the author of many books relating to fitness and diet.

Check your local bookstore for her latest and greatest - and look for her fitness tapes/cd's as well.  She's got a lot of fabulous moves and tips that will assist in not only toning and trimming your body - but your dinner plate as well! As a note, great fitness tips and information never becomes outdated.

2. Jack LaLanne was great and we consider him the pioneer of total fitness. He lived from September 26, 1914 until January 23, 2011 and I was so saddened by his passing. What a noble man he was - helping so many people to live longer lives and enjoy a better quality of life through exercise and a healthier diet.

I remember watching Jack's LaLanne when I was just a kid on a small black and white television at a grown-up neighbor's house while she tumbled and stretched along with Jack - each and every day. I was always fascinated with his leotard-suit and I wondered if he lived with a circus team. But one thing that I didn't wonder about was his physique. I knew - even at that young age, that Jack was the picture of health.

Jack's fitness routines and tips are timeless - not to mention his fabulous juicing machine! Jack we'll miss you!

3. Ahhh - the controversial Jane Fonda. Ahhh - the controversial Jane Fonda's Diet & Weight Loss Products. Searching for a total workout?  Seek out Jane Fonda: Complete Workout for the Healthy Ride of your life. Jane may be a controversial subject on many issues, but few would argue that she is tops when it comes to fitness.

4. That would be the pioneer of the carb diet world, Dr. Atkins.

5. Suzanne Somers sold me right off with her Thigh Master machine. But no matter how long and how hard that I worked out with that gadget, I never could get thighs that matched hers. Oh well, there is only one Suzanne Somers!

Suzanne has authored several books, CD's and tapes detailing trimming exercises and yummy skinny recipes. As to thigh reducing gadgets, we feel that hers is still the best.

6. Kathy Ireland is among the best when it comes to weight loss results and a firm body.

7. Richard Simmons - one of the greatest weight loss motivators - if not THE greatest in The Current World of Dieting.  I remember seeing Richard for the first time on television several years ago,  and I was awed over his energy - and the way that he approached weight loss.  

Richard was very important to me because I was fat, and he had been there, too.  I felt like he knew me, and I felt that he was sincere about helping people who struggled with weighty issues. I went on to purchase several of his books - and still count them among my most treasured items.  I haven't read anything that Richard Simmons has written OR developed that I didn't like - or love. His cookbooks are easy to follow and the recipes are very delicious.

Richard's "Sweatin' to the Oldies" perhaps most accurately depicts the message that he is trying to get across to the 'unfit and overweight world' - that being, you can be fit, thin and healthy AND you should have fun while achieving/maintaining such!

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