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How to Keep Down Allergies in the Home & Bedroom

If you are one of the unfortunates who suffer from allergies, this quiz may help! Allergies interfere with life; with romance - with your quality of living.

The bedroom is generally the room where people spend most of their time at home. It's a room that you'll want to get as dust-free as possible.

The next time that you are inside your bedroom take a good look about the room. There's no getting around it; the bedroom is a dust magnet.

With all the pillows, drapery, carpeting - these are all harbors for irritating dust.

See how well you do on the following quiz. Keep track of your responses; the correct answers are listed below the quiz.

 1. Allergies are one of the top reasons for absences in the workplace.



2. What is your best choice of pillow?



3. Sealing your pillows and mattress in a zipper-tight plastic case is an effective way of keeping your allergies at bay.



4.  Which is the best choice for blankets?

Wool because it is thick and is less likely to cause an allergic reaction.

Polyester because it doesn't tend to hold dust like wool and can be washed.

5. Keeping your closet door closed will help cut down on allergies because clothing tends to hold dust.



6. What is your best choice for flooring?

Wood or ceramic.

Carpeting & throw rugs.

7. Which is the better choice for window dressing?

Washable shades.

Curtains because they help seal out dust.

8. Animals should be kept outside of the bedroom to keep allergies at bay.




If you find that you're getting allergic to things that you hadn't in the past, the culprit could reside in your daily diet.

While shrimp and other shellfish as well as eggs and strawberries are known to trigger allergic reactions in some individuals, Diet Bites feels that based on our independent studies that sugar substitutes may weaken the immune system, thus contributing to allergies.

In our independent study, I was the guinea pig - suffering from extreme allergy reactions to our pets including life-threatening hives.

After getting off of sugar-substitutes my allergic symptoms have been drastically reduced and I am not on any allergy medication.

Before, I couldn't even be around my pets without breaking out in severe rashes and swelling in my face. Now I can pet them and tolerate them, and can even wash their bedding without major break outs.

I have shared this information with my vet and I'm  hoping that due to his prominence that he will also conduct studies that will support my findings.

If you suffer from allergies - and experience allergy symptoms to things that you haven't in the past, take the sugar substitutes out of your daily diet and see what happens. I noticed an immediate positive response which only improved with time.

While I miss using sugar substitutes in my daily diet, I sure don't miss my rashes or swelling in my face. Calories are more difficult to manage and food intake must be balanced to keep my recommended weight, but I'm living proof that it is doable.

Special notes on this health quiz:

1. True. Allergies impact sensory areas of the body - the eyes, the throat, the lungs, the nose which may be stuffy or runny -  and allergies even the largest organ on the body, the skin.

When the eyes are watering sticky liquid or itching, it's difficult to focus on the work in front of us, particular if we have a high-risk job, or one that involves a machine that we must use throughout the day.

When the throat is impacted by allergies we may cough or 'hack' throughout the day which of course, can be embarrassing. We don't want to give the impression that we have something that is contagious.

Our throat may feel tight or constricted. While warm liquids can provide temporary relief, the symptoms can make us so miserable that it's impossible to work.

2. While down-filled pillows can be comfortable they are allergen magnets. In addition, some individuals may be allergic to the feathers inside the pillow. Therefore, a polyester-filled pillow is best for combating allergies.

3. While the plastic case on your pillows and mattress may take time to adjust to as they sure don't feel as nice as being next to the pillow or mattress, it will assist in keeping allergens under control.

4. The best choice for blankets is polyester.

5. This is also true; clothing tends to collect and hold dust as does other items that are situated in one place for long periods of time.

Examples include: picture frames, wall hangings, lamp shades and towels hanging in the bath that never get used and that are specifically for decorative purposes.

6. Wood, ceramic or tile floors are best for keeping allergens down in the home. Carpeting and rugs collect dust and allergens that are difficult to get rid of.

7. We're starting to see a pattern here, aren't we? Items that collect dust in the home whether a lamp shade or a window curtain spell trouble for individuals suffering from allergies.

8. Animals should be kept out of the bedroom as they are little walking allergy magnets.

Washing your pets may assist in keeping allergy symptoms under control, as regularly changing and washing their bedding.

Given the time of year, allergies may be worse than other times due to pollen count.

By keeping allergens down in the house, it just might assist in curbing allergic symptoms and reactions.

In addition, a portable air-filtering system for the home can also assist and are relatively inexpensive - about $50.

Regularly changing the filter on all types of air-conditioning and heating units can also keep allergy side-effects and symptoms better controlled.

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