The Weight Loss Quiz

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A quiz that will help you eat smarter while dining out.

Although most of these selections aren't exactly 'healthy', some are healthier than others. Can you pick the healthier choices?  

It will not necessarily be the food with the 'least' amount of calories. Choose wisely and good luck!

1. How many calories does kissing burn per hour? Calorie burn is calculated for a 200 pound person.

About 100 calories

About 325 calories

2. Will you be more apt to lose weight if you are hugged often?

Oh yes!


3. Pick the healthier romantic dinner.

Fried chicken, baked potato with butter, salad with light dressing, 1 roll, cheesecake.

Roasted Cornish hen, 1 cup of wild rice, 1 cup of French green beans, small tray of raw veggies with 1 Tablespoon of light dressing, 1 roll, 1 cup of fresh strawberries with light topping served on one slice of angel food cake.

4. Pick the healthier beverage:

Champagne with strawberries

Club soda with strawberries

Special notes on this health quiz:

1. As you have learned, kissing can burn a lot of calories per hour but the amount of calories burned depends upon the weight of the person in relation to caloric burn. The more an individual weighs, the more calories that will be burned when performing any activity.

2. Hugging releases stress which has been associated with weight gain and obesity. Everyone needs to feel loved; when we feel loved we hold a sense of contentment - that our lives are with meaning and that others care about us, including the state of our health.

3. The response to this question was a no-brainer. All things fried equal an overage of dietary fat consumption and while minimal dietary fat is essential for optimum health, an excess creates the opposite impact on the body.

In addition, cheesecake is among the unhealthiest of dessert choices.

The nutrition facts for cheesecake below are based on a commercially prepared version.

Cheesecake is often served in tiny slices when dining out but at parties and events that I have attended, the slices have been 2-3 times larger.

While 257 calories for a slice of cheesecake isn't that bad, it's mined with 18 grams of dietary fat which is bad. Also, the serving size for this cheesecake which weighsone ounce over a pound is very small.

Nutrition Facts & Calories for Cheesecake, Based on Commercially Prepared Recipe

Nutritional Elements


1 ounce

1/6 of 17 oz cake

1 piece, 125 g

Energy, Calories kcal 91 257 401
Protein g 1.56 4.40 6.88
Total lipid (fat) g 6.38 18.00 28.12
Carbohydrates g 7.23 20.40 31.88
Fiber, total dietary g 0.1 0.3 0.5
Sugars, total g 6.18 17.44 27.25
Calcium, Ca mg 14 41 64
Iron, Fe mg 0.18 0.50 0.79
Magnesium, Mg mg 3 9 14
Phosphorus, P mg 26 74 116
Potassium, K mg 26 72 112
Sodium, Na mg 124 350 548
Zinc, Zn mg 0.14 0.41 0.64
Saturated Fat g 2.813 7.937 12.401
Monounsaturated Fat g 2.448 6.907 10.792
Polyunsaturated Fat g 0.454 1.282 2.002
Cholesterol mg 16 44 69

4. Club soda contains zero calories and is quite refreshing to a healthy diet plan. Cheers to weight loss!


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