Pregnancy Fitness Quiz

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Should you diet during pregnancy?  Exercise?  The beginning of your baby's health begins now....

1. Should you go on a diet during pregnancy to lose weight?

No; pregnant ladies should never go on any diet plan without their doctor's approval.

Yes, losing weight will help me carry the baby and will make delivery easier. 

2. Should you start a fitness program during pregnancy?

Yes, and the more active the better.

Your fitness plan should be approved by your doctor before striking out. 

3. Dieting is recommended during the breastfeeding phase to help get the excess weight off from pregnancy.

Dieting while breastfeeding is not recommended.

Yes, it's best to lose the weight as soon after delivery as possible because the longer it stays on the body, the harder it will be to lose. 

4. Some medicines are safe to take while breastfeeding.

True; if the package says the medication is safe to take, then it is.

False; everything you put into your mouth is eventually excreted through the breast milk and nothing should be considered safe until you have consulted with your doctor. 

5. While pregnant, I am actually eating for two so I don't have to watch what I eat as the baby will absorb those extra calories.

False; pregnant women tend to be less active than when they aren't pregnant, thus using less calories.  Any excess in calories will be stored as fat on you rather than the baby and will make childbirth more difficult.

True; after the baby is born I should experience a rapid weight loss.  At that point, I should concentrate on getting any excess weight off but not until then.  

6. After delivery, I should bounce immediately back!

True; I should be able to resume my regular routine almost immediately.

False; it will take my body about 6 months to completely recover from the pregnancy. 

7. One of the best ways to lull a baby to sleep is:

Run the vacuum over the floor.

Turn on the television.

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