How Many Calories in Movie Popcorn?
Our Going to the Movies Quiz

Written by Diet Bites

What are your best snack choices at the movies?  And how many calories are packed in that hot buttered popcorn?

During the heat, during the wet, and during the colder times of year, many of us head off to enjoy a bit of adventure the old fashioned way (vicariously).  And who can blame us?

Although the weather is making sure to keep us contained, the movies make way for one to at least feel like they've experienced a little action.  

But as we escape into Never-Never Land, freed for a short two hours or so from Diet Concentration, we find ourselves in the middle of some very tempting foods.

The smell of hot buttered popcorn light on the wind; the tingle of candied Hot Tamales zipping over our taste buds; the 'pull' of a chocolate covered Milk Dud coating our mouths; the cheesy zing of hot nachos - oh my!

So rather than being active, we are watching other people on the Big Screen being active AND rather than freeing ourselves from Diet Concentration, we find ourselves gomming up tubs of hot buttery popcorn like there is no tomorrow.  

We suddenly become the 'herd' and the movie screen, our pasture.

Oh well - back to the movies!  So here we are....saddled into our seats, enjoying the movie. Before we realize what's happened, we're also enjoying two armloads of concession stand goodies.  

And who can blame us? Who can resist such buttery temptation?  Such crunchy delight?  It's practically impossible!  

Why, even the movie theaters have tried to help us by jacking up the price of corn and soda.  

Anyone who purchases that $8.50 tub of popcorn that is actually worth about fifty cents - even with wages factored in - is nuts!  Hey, I'm nuts!  

So, for all of us...nutty ones, we need something to knock us to our senses - something more than high prices.

Something like a nifty little diet quiz letting us know the foods that are naughty or nice.  See how well you do! 

There are notes below the quiz that go into more detail regarding the answers.  

And if you do blow your diet it at the movies, relax.  Just keep a strict eye on your diet during the next few days. Good luck and may The Willpower be with you!


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