It's Time to Take a Quiz!

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The Weight Loss Quiz

How many calories does kissing burn per hour?  Lovemaking?

Going to the Movies Quiz

What are your best snack choices at the movies?  And how many calories are packed in that hot buttered popcorn?

Diet Guru Quiz

Which diet Guru once ate an entire jar of mustard at a single setting?

Body Works Quiz

A general fitness quiz.

Old Diet Wives Tales Quiz

Diet myths & truths.

Building a Diet Game Plan

Build yourself a diet game plan using this nifty free diet planner that you can print out and take with you.

Slimming Fashion Quiz

How fashion smart are you?

Pick the Lower Calorie Food Quiz

Can you pick the foods lowest in calories?

Fastfood Quiz

A quiz that will help you eat smarter while dining out.

Pregnancy Fitness Quiz

Should you diet during pregnancy?  Exercise?

Eating Disorder Quiz

An educational quiz that deals with questions surrounding eating disorders.

Cholesterol & Egg Quiz

How many eggs per week can you safely consume?

Allergy Proofing Your Bedroom

Are you doing everything possible to keep allergies at bay?  See if you can get all 7 questions correct!

Smoking Quiz

Some sage advice about smoking, weight loss and your health.  Neat old cigarette ad also included.

Water Intake & Fitness

How much water per day do you need in your daily diet? Too much could be fatal.

Potassium Quiz

Can too much potassium be a bad thing?



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