Popcorn for Constipation

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Weight Gain Due to Constipation - Natural Remedies

Constipation woes? Potty time is easier when adequate fiber is part of the daily diet.

Lovely cabbage, sexy broccoli, and meaty nuts will all blow constipation through the roof.

But if you're among those that do not favor 'the stinkies' listed above, odds are, you adore popcorn.

Most people do and if you suffer from constipation, popcorn may be a savvy solution to help regulate your system so you can get back into the swing of things.

You'll receive about 1 gram of fiber in every cup that you enjoy which will help add to the 20 to 35 grams necessary daily for optimum health.

One cup of air popped corn contains about 23 calories - but be sure and opt for the low sodium, low fat versions if you are going for the microwavable popcorn.  

Top your hot air popcorn with no calorie butter spray and your taste buds will think they are in heaven.

Some more information that may be useful for constipation:

When the bowel is stagnant or impacted, the following may occur:

Weight Gain; when the body is packed with waste it weighs heavily, particularly if that waste continues to build. I've spoke with one individual who experienced a five pound drop in her weight after getting her digestive system on track. That's a substantial amount of weight - the size of a five pound bag of potatoes.

Sluggish Metabolism; the metabolic response actually contributes to a slow digestive system.

Raw Diet for Slow Digestive System

Fiber to Combat Sluggish Metabolism

Bloated Tummy; trapped waste produces pressure and gas thus creating and/or contributing to bloating.

Irritability; when you feel uncomfortable this is the body's natural emotional response.

Probable build-up of toxins in the body

Why might constipation occur?

Change in diet - such as dieting. Even after fresh vegetables and fruit are infused into the daily diet constipation may occur. Any jolt to the digestive system can create an imbalance.

Too little fluid intake. This is the first step in remedying constipation. The water will help push waste through the system and out the body, making it easier to go.

Too little activity. Exercise and activity obviously moves the exterior of our body but as we move on the outside, we are also causing movement on the inside of our bodies. Exercise and activity trigger motion and where the bowel and constipation are concerned, motion is a very good thing.

Dairy products may cause constipation in some individuals. They may also contribute to bloating and an uncomfortable feeling of fullness. If you experience bloating, uncomfortable gas as well as stomach upset you may have lactose intolerance.

Stress; this can kill a body. Stress can contribute to all sorts of terrible health issues, including weight gain - particularly in the upper abdominal area.

Hidden disease including digestive disorders.

What can be done to fight constipation?  Actually a reverse of almost all of the above:

Increase fluid intake - more specifically water. Don't drown yourself in water however as you may create a serious imbalance in the body by upsetting the electrolytes (calcium, potassium and sodium). The official recommendation is 8 CUPS of water per day, not glasses and this includes the amount of water found in foods.

Change in diet; take in more raw veggies, more fiber. Unless you're having serious issues with intestinal gas, adding more fiber to your diet plan can assist in creating more bulk - and will assist in 'sweeping the gut'.

Increase activity levels. Remember what we referenced above - activity triggers motion.

Keep stress levels in check.

Get with your doctor for a check up in your constipation becomes a serious issue, is painful or continues over a period of two weeks or more.


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