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Starting the New Year With a New You - Holiday Articles to Get Your Diet Plan on Track

Written by Diet Bites

New Year, New Diet Plan

Whether you stumbled upon this page at the beginning of the new year or in the heat of summer, the diet articles listed below can assist with keeping your weight loss plan on track.

If you don't know where to begin where weight loss is concerned, we can assist in that area too.

While the articles are based on the holiday seasons that occur year-round, the weight loss tips are enduring and can be applied to all the different seasons and times of the year.

So let's get started, shall we - on to a healthier, more energetic and yes, a thinner you!

We'll lead the way, just keep close behind us and grab onto our hand at times, should you need to do that. We won't ever leave you and we'll guide you safely along the way to a healthier you.

Holiday Weight Loss & Diet Articles

Liftoff - The Beginning of Your Diet

Kitty's New Year's Resolution

Frosty the Snowball - Yummy Diet Recipe

Do You Weigh More Now Than You Did In October?

Building Your Diet Game Plan

Holiday Weight Gain

Click here for delicious, low fat party recipes

Calories in Alcohol & Mixed Drinks

Including Healthy Holiday Options

A Diet Christmas Carol

Diet Friendly Non Alcoholic Drink Recipes

Really Sick of Eating From the Holidays?

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Halloween Diet

Holiday, Weight Gain Connection

The Diet Alternative

Thanksgiving Diet

Yes, You Can & Should Celebrate Valentine's Day!

Delicious Eggnog to Fit Your Diet Needs

Eggs-tra Special Diet, an Easter Celebration!

Hopping Down the Old Diet Trail & Easter Dieting Tips

Were You Naughty or Nice on Christmas Day?

Dick Plans to Begin Dieting AFTER the Holidays

Trim Your Holiday Calories While Trimming Your Tree

The Thrills of Autumn Dieting

Holiday, Weight Gain Connection

Santa Clause is Coming to Town

Santa Chokes on Turkey Bone

Christmas Diet

New Year's Diet

Valentine's Diet

Saint Patrick's Day Diet

4th of July

Weight Gain Causes | Weight Loss Plan

The Food Pyramid, Weight Loss | Grapefruit: Health News, Diet Tips


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The Amish Diet
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10 Free Diet Planners
10 Dieting Mistakes

Holiday Diet Articles, Menus, Tips, Plans


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Body Detox
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Will Caffeine Promote Weight Loss?
Eggs, Dieting


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Quesadilla & Mexican Rice Recipes
Homemade Diet Taco Recipe
Quick Broccoli Cheese Soup Recipe
Diet Chocolate Cake Recipe
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Number of Fat Cells in the Human Body
Fats Necessary in the Daily Diet
Causes of Natural Weight Gain
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The Problem With Calorie Burn Charts
Your Height, Your Weight
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