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Losing Pounds Through Motivation

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The Willpower to Lose Pounds

What triggered you to go on a weight loss plan?

Whether it was a desire to get a trimmer body or orders from the doctor due to health issues - something made you decide that you needed to lose weight.

That 'something' is what is called motivation.

Your drive to lose the fat is the one thing that you need to hold onto throughout your journey to a thinner you for without it, your journey faces a extremely high risk for failure - and you certainly don't want that.

How to Succeed While Dieting

Think about your motivation to lose fat like this....

Harvey had always wanted to go to the Grand Canyon. If there was just one thing that he could accomplish in his life - it was a visit to that deep dark hole in the earth. He wanted nothing more and he wanted to experience this adventure so badly that he saved all his extra cash and tucked it safely away so that he could do such.

He also enjoy dining out but to save money, he dined at home and chose inexpensive foods for his meal plates. And when the fair came to the state, he skipped it, again putting away his hard earned cash. He had been there before and after the entry fees, parking fees - and purchasing all the tasty foods that he would be unable to resist, he was not only saving money - he was also saving weight gain.

One day, he finally had enough money to make his journey. But something happened.

He suddenly didn't want to go to that big hole in the earth. He had lost all of his drive to do such. In fact, he didn't care if he ever saw a photo of it again - or heard it mentioned in publications.

His motivation had suddenly shifted to something else - a brand new car. A red one or yellow one, then again - perhaps a light toned one because those reds and yellows got more than their fair share of tickets. Something about those two colors really set off the patrol officers. And because he lived in a warmer part of the earth, a darker color would only draw the heat. Yes, perhaps a white or taupe one would be best. Or ooohhh, what about light silver? That does have an executive ring to it, Harvey decided.

Our Lives, Our Daily Diets are Ever-Changing

This is how quickly our likes and dislikes can change - our dreams, our ambitions and what we want to accomplish in life. One moment, Harvey is lost in Oz and focused on his goal - and the next he's in another universe all-together.

Once you lose your desire to lose the weight, your diet is shot - full of holes and it will never fly in this time zone. You'll have to go through weeks, months and perhaps even years before you want to lose weight again once it dissipates and vanishes into the vortex of the Black Diet Hole.

Therefore, guard this precious tool because your success in losing those fat pounds depends upon it. Your new diet required motivation to begin and it will require such through the end. Never ever never let it go.

In Summary

I would like to share a humorous story that compliments this article. It was inspired by a conversation that I shared with my mother some time back. In my life, I've had more than my fair share of experiencing the poor side of town. I was well into my adulthood before I traveled out of the state that I was raised in. At the time of this writing, I've yet to ride on an airplane - outside of the time when I was about six months of age and my dad had been discharged from the Navy and he and my mom were traveling back to the state where they were both born and raised.

As to the conversation with mom, I told her that I had dreamed about visiting the Grand Canyon. Her face scrambled and she looked totally adverse to my personal dream. Both her and my dad were what most would consider as 'home bodies'. Their example of a vacation was traveling a few miles away to the Texas coastline - once every twenty years or so.

So after her face relaxed a tab, she blurted out, "Why would you ever want to do that? It's just a great big hole in the ground."

This just goes to verify how very different that we all are - children from parents, brothers from brothers and sisters from sisters - and simply, people from people.


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