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Meridia is a diet pill that gained approval by the FDA in 1997.

If you have been considering Meridia as a weight loss supplement, you may have the following questions:

How safe is Meridia?  

Does Meridia really help accelerate weight loss?

And what about the side effects of Meridia?  

This article will answer those questions, as well as provide my personal experience with Meridia.

The Meridia Experience

For those of you who are frequent readers of Diet Bites, you are probably aware that I dropped over 100 pounds going on two decades ago.

In my desperate quest for weight loss I had become trapped on a wild diet plateau, having no inkling at the time that it was actually a good thing because my body needed time to catch up with the amount of weight I had lost.

But when I saw no movement on the scales for about three weeks, I went to the doctor and asked for something to help accelerate weight loss.

Food Pyramid

He prescribed Meridia. Within a couple of days, I had dropped five pounds. By the end of the month, I had dropped another five pounds.

I was on a terrible diet, a diet that would be considered a starvation diet.

If my doctor had known that, I daresay that he would have prescribed Meridia.

To add to the risk, Meridia has since been associated with serious health issues, including death. Needless to say, I was very lucky.

What did Merida do? I may have felt somewhat less hungry - but at this stage of the diet, who knows what was going on. In addition, at that time I was foolish enough to believe that weight loss supplements were targeted to melt off weight. The best thing that they can accomplish is to diminish appetite and calm hunger pains.  continue


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