Meridia Side Effects
a Weight Loss Pill

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Prescription Drugs for Weight Loss

Are you seeking pills or supplements for weight loss - whether through a doctor's prescription or over the counter?

If so, we strongly urge you to consider getting the weight off without using such due to the extreme risks associated with such.

We'll go into further detail as to what we base our recommendations upon after we view the side effects for Merida.

Meridia Side Effects

If you are taking this drug and experience any of the following, they should be discussed with your doctor without delay.

If symptoms are severe and particularly if they involve the heart, motor functions or the respiratory, the individual should seek immediate medical attention.

Reported Meridia side effects include:

Dry Mouth
Increase in Blood Pressure
Increase in Heart Rate, Racing in the Body
Heart Attack

How does Meridia work in promoting weight loss results?

It works by increasing certain chemicals inside the brain. As these brain chemicals increase, the desired effect is a decrease in appetite.

Who should not use Meridia?

Diet Bites does not recommend this weight loss drug due to reported serious side effects, including death.

Side Effects & Risks of Other Drugs Used for Losing Weight

This includes those which tout 'natural ingredients only' because many are comprised of natural herbs. Take note that use of herbs should not be taken lightly. At one time, they were used to treat disease and illness. Even today, they are used in the modern world for such purposes.

Many come with serious side effects, including death - and the risks rise where certain herbs are involved.

It's also vital to note that 99.999% of the pills and supplements which are sold over the counter for combating fat are not approved by the FDA. The side effects may range from mild to severe with one of the most commons effects being a racing heart.

Labels may even indicate that the product is safe, 'all natural', as well as include studies that support the product as viable in reducing weight. Before purchasing, do your homework. Look at the ingredient label; research these ingredients to determine how they will impact health.

Better yet - seek your doctor's approval. It would be extremely rare for a qualified doctor to ever recommend a dieting pill or supplement sold over the counter that has not received approval by the FDA.

As to prescriptions drugs, the risks to health - as well as to life are still significant. Take note that there is no drug currently available that will pull off the fat on its own. Body weight composition is based on the amount of energy consumed throughout the day and is balanced each day as energy is used for bodily functions as well as for expended energy via activity.

While a supplement may assist in quelling appetite, the only way to achieve loss of unwanted pounds is by adjusting energy intake and expended values. previous page


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