Low Carb, Low Fat
Southwest Lettuce Wraps

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Our low calorie lettuce wrap recipe for dieters.

Whether you're watching your fat intake, calorie intake or carb intake, lettuce wraps may unwrap a few unwanted pounds from your body frame.  

An added bonus is that kids also love 'em because they are a finger food - and who cares if it gets a bit messy when you're having fun?  

Lettuce Wraps can be created from most any filling that you would use in Dough Jackets - from taco fillings to burrito fillings.  

Create uniquely flavored Lettuce Wraps by adding seasonings and low calorie dressing and sauces.

Grab your soy sauce and create an Asian Lettuce Wrap!  Or if you're feeling like a salty Diet Sailor - try a dusting of lemon pepper on white tuna mixed with finely shredded lettuce and a spoon of light Mayo which creates a great Seafaring Wrap. We call ours, 'The Big Tuna Lettuce Wrap'.

Here is Diet Bites tasty recipe for Lettuce Wraps prepared 'Southwest Style'. They do contain a teensy kick.

Diet Lettuce Wrap Recipe Ingredients

3 ounces of cooked chicken, cubedlettuce for wrap recipe

The following veggies:  1/4 cup of shelled corn; 1/4 cup of drained black beans; 1 shredded carrot; 1 shredded zucchini

light ranch dressing

salt & cracked black pepper

2 Large Lettuce Leaves that are bathing in a bowl of ice cold water

How to Prepare Our Diet Lettuce Wrap Recipe

Stir fry veggies in no calorie cooking spray until tender. Add salt and pepper and chicken; stir and remove and allow to cool to a warm stage.  

If you put the mixture on the lettuce wrap when the mixture is iron hot, the lettuce leaves will wilt. You sure don't want a soggy Lettuce Wrap.

Add light ranch dressing (about 2 Tablespoons) to the veggie mix and stir.  

Next, pull the lettuce leaves out of their ice bath and pat them dry.  

Carefully fill one side of a lettuce leave with half of the southwestern veggie mixture - as you would if you were making an enchilada.  

Next, roll over once, then fold each end towards the center.  Finish folding the lettuce leaf by rolling it shut.

Entire recipe contains about 350 calories.  Enjoy both wraps.  

Well, that's a wrap!  Next time, we'll discover neat things you can do with egg roll fillers.


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