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Dieting, Weight Loss Articles, Tips

Weekender Diet Plan - How to make it through the weekend and still lose that unwanted baggage. And oh - you can even take the weekends off along with the baggage.

The Cabbage Soup Diet -While we can't recommend this popular fad method for losing due to health risks, we can recommend adding the tasty recipe for the soup to your plan. It contains about fifty kcals per cup and it's mighty tasty.

Diet Motivation - Even the best of dieters need such at one time or another - and the longer the journey, the more motivation that will be required. We have stellar tips to assist.

Weight Maintenance - You've lost that muffin top, those unwanted love handles, the puffy stuff at the top of your legs, those bat wings and your cellulite isn't so dimpled anymore. But weight gain is waiting right around the corner, puffing on a smoke and just waiting to be invited back into your life. Don't let it happen; we have tips to assist.

Lose Weight Eating Bacon - Can you eat bacon and lose weight too?

Calories in Specialty Coffees - Hey, hey Daddy-O, are you hooked on specialty coffees? If so, they could be the root of excess pounds on Daddy-O's once hunk-worthy body.

Losing the Fat - One of your best tools ever is your former eating history. See how to put your knowledge to use and make those layers of fat disappear for good.

Do Fat Genes Equal Fat Jeans? - Just because we are born with a parent's inherited 'fat' genes doesn't mean that we're doomed to a life of living in fat jeans. There is much we can do to combat those sour lemons that we inherited - like making lemonade - or to put it another way, boost our sluggish metabolism. Or, you may enjoy this health article: What Feels Best? Overeating or Recommended Weight?

A Time to Lose - Steps that will lead to a leaner and healthier body. It's time to procrastinate procrastination and get busy making your weight loss dreams come true! Stuffed Foods Equal Stuffed Jeans

Is Coke Making You Fat? - What about other carbonated soda? We have a short answer and outline the ignorance of banning certain foods and drinks from fast food restaurants. High Calorie Burgers

Inexpensive Meals - Tips for making the most of your hard-earned dollar, which appears to be dwindling more and more each day.

How to Get Fat - To lose the fat, simply reverse the steps OR you might enjoy these articles: Is Over-Eating Going to Make You Feel Better? | Gelatinous

Let's Add a Teaspoon of Salt to our Meal Plate - Doesn't sound too appetizing, does it? Yet, that's what most Americans do on a daily basis - and at times, they consume more than three times this amount. The impact on health is devastating - and not in a good way. One menu selection on our data chart contains over 4000 milligrams of sodium - about three times the recommended healthy intake.

Why We Eat - There are many reasons, some of which ended up getting us a bit more plump than we wish...

Dieting: Serious Side Effects & Complications - The serious risks of reduction plans.

Recipe for Bacon-Avocado Ciabatta and Ciabatta Pizza - Our delicious recipes are to 'diet' for!

Popular Health & Fitness Articles

Low Calorie Meals, Menus and Free Meal Planners for Weight Loss - Both of these health articles lead to good things for your body.

Health Notes, Dieting Risks

Flu Virus, 2013 - Information, personal experience and tips you can use this flu season.

Sensa Side Effects, Ingredients - Is this the right method of losing for you?

Tips for Reducing Calories, Including Delicious Easy Recipes

Krispy Creme Donut Calories - The caloric, carbohydrate and dietary fat content of Krispy Creme's popular donut selections.

Diet Soup & Low Calorie Bread Recipes - Soup is a fantastic choice for assisting you among your fitness quest.

Most are exceptionally low in caloric content - and oh boy, have we got some humdinger recipes that you may just fall inlove with!

And oh - we have some stellar bread recipes to go with our tasty soup, too.

Skinny Juice Recipe- If you love juice but don't enjoy the high sugary calories, you may fall in love with our recipe.

We reduce the amount of sugar in popular juices by adding our 'secret' ingredient.

Calories in Starbucks Coffees - The caloric content of specialty coffees at Starbucks.

Obstacles Along the Path to Weight Loss Success

While you're traveling down the road to a thinner and healthier you, there will be certain obstacles that you will most likely encounter that can block your path, sending you tumbling off of your well-planned path and into the vortex of nothingness.

This generally equals a binge and an avenue to failure - so we can't have that.

The following health articles can assist and keep you strong along your journey towards fitness success while giving you tools that can blow those pesky nothingness.

Weight Loss Plateau - Detailed information and what you can do to conquer the plateau.

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