Edible Flowers

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Herbal-Liscious Specimens

Herbal Herb - Blooming herbs, wow what spice they can add to your life!  

Generally, the flowering herb will taste like the herb itself, but will be much spicier, much kickier.


What an interesting specimen! This herb is often used for relaxation purposes, such as the bath. And it's a survivor via its ability to withstand varying temperatures.  

When you bite into lavender, you'll get a whang of lemon that's twisted with a light floral sensation.  

You'll want to garnish your angel food cake with a bit of this! Or, float some in your next glass of springwater.


You probably already know that the tender flowers of Mint have a minty taste.  Use in anything that you want to add a minty edge to such as tea.

Sage Flowers

These are fantastic with sauteed mushrooms!  Generally, the leaves are used in dishes such as stuffing during the holidays.  The flowers taste similar, but as with most flowering herbs, they hold a stronger flavor.

Vegetable Related Specimens, Edible Flowers & Blooms

Flowering onions are delicious.  Garlic, leeks, chives - all are part of the Flowering Onion family and are best served in salads.  

Keep in mind that your fabulous flowers and awesome blossoms will be found in different growth stages - depending upon your time of harvest. Size effects taste. For example, the developing seed-heads of the onion family tend to contain a sharp, strong taste so you may want to keep this in mind while frolicking.  

As a general note, the entire plant is edible!  The leaves and stems may be chopped and added to stews, soups and casseroles for an extra oomph.

Caveat: Sometimes, wild onion will mix with 'false garlic' which can make you quite ill.  Be certain you know what you're eating before you pass it through those lips!

Squash, Pumpkin & Okra Blooms & Blossoms

True beauties!!!  They taste a bit like the raw parent.  Be certain to remove the stamens before use, as well as trim the stems.  These are extremely beautiful when baked and topped with a smidgen of melted cheese.


Flowers will be found on the little trees and taste like a hint of broccoli. Use in salads to boost flavor.


Like artichokes? Then you'll love sunflower buds!

Radish Flowers

The flowers taste like the radish - generally spicy with a bite. May be pink, white or yellow. Toss a few on your next salad.

If you are ready to learn where to locate your harvest, click here for 'Wherefore Art Thou, Little Awesome Blossom?"  Step-by-step tips for your adventure are included as well as preparation tips.

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Diet Tip: If you are a chocolate lover watching your waistline, purchase a bag of mini morsels. When your chocolate craving hits, simply count out one serving and allow the rich dark dots to melt in your mouth.


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