The Haunted Diet Plan

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Losing weight can be a scary situation.

Dieter Nellie was afraid of EVER going on a diet again! So frightened that she trembled whenever she thought about needing to lose weight.

Let's find out why....

Two summers ago, Nellie had decided to go on a fad diet plan. She wanted to lose weight so bad that she didn't care if she had to starve herself to get thin.

And starve herself is exactly what Nellie did!  She was allowed a piece of fruit for breakfast, a bowl of soup for lunch and a bowl of broth for dinner.

The fad diet plan also required that Nellie run two miles every day.

She had run so much that her tongue had literally fallen out of her pie hole. Her empty pie hole because there wasn't much on her meal plate these days.

But our Nellie was a Diet Trooper.  

She stuck to the fad diet plan for three whole weeks - twenty-one LONG DIET DAYS.

At the hospital, Doctor Rudy explained to Nellie that she was lucky to still be alive. He also said that he was concerned about her heart, and that her grueling fad diet may have even triggered long-term heart problems.

About a week later, Nellie started losing handfuls of hair. And this was terribly scary.  At Doctor Rudy's office, he explained that her restrictive diet had also caused the hair loss and he wasn't keen on the grayish cast of her skin, either.

And that's why Nellie's scared of dieting.  

Even so, she has quite a few pounds to lose and worst yet, she was experiencing blood pressure issues as well as bad cholesterol issues before she went on her rotten fad diet plan. She could only imagine how those had spiked since that time - two summers ago. That was quite a span of time and her body had expanded further still since that time.

The thing was, she was terrified that losing weight could be the end of her. She didn't know where to start other than fad dieting.

She had looked at the American Food Pyramid, but it was as confusing as some Americans; and she should know as she was one herself.

There were different levels to the Pyramid with something called Food Groups anchored inside.

There were also suggestions as how many servings from each group she should eat.

And then Nellie discovered Diet Bites which explained that there are five different Food Groups because one group by itself is unable to meet all the nutritional needs required by the human body.

Nellie also read that if she limited her meal plate to single servings and cut out snacks - and if she built her meal plate using the Food Pyramid as a pattern, then she should see weight loss results on her bathroom scales.

Although she was still a bit frightened of dieting, this sounded logical - most reasonable. After all, she wouldn't be drastically changing her daily diet - she would just be making healthier food choices within the pyramid.

So for one week she tried following this plan and to her surprise, she lost three pounds.

She didn't do anything that drastic - she just amended the amount of food that she consumed as well as making healthier food choices.

One month later, she had lost about fifteen pounds, which is quite impressive as weight loss speed goes.

At this point she wanted to check with her doctor to ensure that her health wasn't totally botched.

To her relief, Doctor Rudy ran some tests and although she was borderline where her blood pressure was concerned - and her cholesterol level was still not the best, she was teetering more towards a healthier state than not.

She shared her current diet with Doctor Rudy who was quite pleased that she had taken the initiative to lose weight the healthy way. And this time around, Nellie absolutely loved her new, healthy diet plan.


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