Halloween Diet Tips
Boosting Willpower
for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Loss Tips to Boost Your Willpower Amid the Fall Season, Including Halloween

Halloween opens the gates leading to the holiday season - the time of year when many individuals pack on unwanted pounds and ignore them until the new year arrives.

It's time to 'let down their hair' and just enjoy their lives - leaving weight gain worries at the side of the road until after the holiday season ends.

For individuals who are dieting to lose weight during Halloween as well as the rest of the holiday season, life can be miserable. It's enough for a dieter to start smashing pumpkins.

But don't despair - because you can remain true to your weight loss plan amid the bustling holidays.

One big key is staying on track when Halloween arrives because this day in particular creates a time zone where the dieter sees the holidays in the future - Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and New Year's Day - and it's just so easy to discard thoughts of a restricted diet plan and 'let down their hair'.

If so, January will be filled with many regrets and those regrets will have nothing to do with 'not getting a certain gift' for the holiday. Regrets will be in the form of weight gain and feeling miserable about all the extra weight to lose - as well as all the time that was wasted amid the holidays when the individual could have been dieting but wasn't.

Halloween Dieting Tips

1. Concentrate on the Spirit of the Season rather than the Halloween goodies. Occupy your energy on Halloween costumes, decorations and planning for the party that you may attend. If you're simply planning on staying at home and chilling-out in front of a chiller-thriller, popcorn makes a healthy treat as long as you don't go nuts with the butter or margarine.

Yes, You Can Still Enjoy Halloween Candy While Dieting

2. And no - you don't have to avoid all of your favorite treats. While candy is king on Halloween, candy isn't dandy for your weight loss plan. It's filled with sugar that will not only rot your teeth but that will also rot your weight loss plan.

So steer clear of candy and grab a slice of pumpkin pie. For about 300 calories you can curb your Sweet Tooth.

Limit Servings of Punch While Dieting

3. If the Halloween Party has a punch bowl in the midst, limit servings to ONE. You may consider bringing a diet drink to the party to sip on rather than indulging in the punch.

Beverages can contain more calories than solid food, particularly when it comes to juice and punch is generally made with juices. And if the punch contains alcohol - not only is the punch spiked, but the caloric content as well.

4. If you have little ones that enjoy trick-or-treating, volunteer to take them on their rounds. The fresh, crisp air will do you good as well as walking which will assist in burning calories.

Avoid High Fat Foods at the Halloween Party

5. Some of the more evil diet choices include: cheese nachos, supreme nachos with ground beef & sour cream, hot dogs with cheese and chili, cheeseburgers, pizza with all the works and fried chicken wings with creamy dressing.

I know - all the delicious foods are the foods that tend to contain so many calories and fat grams. But take heart because all of the foods above can be enjoyed in moderation and if prepared at home, the calorie count and fat content can be greatly reduced.

For example, if pizza is on the menu, enjoy no more than two slices. When dressing is involved, limit unless it's reduced fat or diet friendly in caloric content. For nachos - cheese nachos makes a better choices than supreme.

For hot dogs and chili, opting for lean fat reduced franks can create a hot dog that can fit into almost any diet plan. As a note, chili sauce tends to be low in calories as is pickle relish.

Enjoy all the chopped onionsthat you wish and you'll be guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of any spook with your boss breath



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