Green Tea for Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

This Super Beverage May Control Weight & Boost Metabolism

Green tea has significant healing powers and may lower cholesterol, slow up the wrinkle process, and fight certain cancers.

It may also help shed those unwanted pounds!

While black tea and oolong tea do contain flavonoids and additional antioxidants, green tea is an even better source of these health boosters because it is an unfermented tea.

However, even oolong tea has been associated with slightly accelerating the metabolism (by 3% or 67 calories per day) in health studies.

Studies on the health benefits of green tea pointed to an increase in metabolism and fat burning of 78 calories per day involving adults. Depending on an individual's size, of course, green tea burns different amounts of calories - more calories where more weight is involved, and less calories where less weight is involved.  

The specific amount of calories burned depends on the current weight of the individual, but not size alone. Keeping this in mind, an individual's 'calorie burn OR metabolism rate' is continuously affected by other factors - such as food combining, rate of physical activity for the day and so forth.

Researchers continue searching for a green tea weight loss link through studies. Perhaps we'll eventually discover the connection between weight loss and green tea. Could it be the caffeine in the green tea? The amount of tea that is consumed each day? Do other foods boost the health benefits of this super brew?

History of Green Tea, How the Legend Began

It is believed that green tea originated in China about 5,000 years ago. Legend tells that green tea was accidentally discovered when an Emperor was boiling water and the tea leaves fell into the water.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

The following healthy benefits may be gained from a daily dose:

Circulatory & Blood Benefits of Green Tea

It may lower blood sugar levels, high blood pressure and bad cholesterol. It may also reduce the risk of blood clots, strokes, heart disease, and heart attack.

Physical, Muscular & Skeletal Benefits

This healthy brew may help prevent arthritis. May increase metabolism and accelerate weight loss. It may also slow the aging process and boost immunity. It may also be useful in fighting infections.

Oral Health Benefits of Green Tea

This super drink may help reduce cavities and prevent tooth decay. Gargling with green tea may help ward off flu viruses.

It may also help prevent some types of cancers, as well as prevent certain diseases. It truly is one of the super heroes in the Beverage World as we know it.

Finally, green tea - as well as all teas, are natural, calorie free, fat free - as long as you don't add milk, sugar, honey, cream, artificial flavorings - etc. 

Tea is delicious and makes a great beverage whether hot or cold.  

And green tea, as well as oolong tea, just might help boost metabolism, burn fat and assist you in dropping pounds!  

EGCG Enhanced Tea for Weight Loss


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