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Grapefruit Diets & Drug Interaction
Dangers, Side Effects

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diets Based on Citrus Fruits

Entire plans for losing weight have been built around this big boy citrus fruit. It's tart, it's tangy - and can perform miracle-like results where a boost in immunity is concerned.

When More Equals Less

Using a 'grapefruit' was an ingenious marketing ploy and the cornerstone of a multitude of grapefruit diet plans because:

-The greatly enhanced myth insisted that this super fruit melted off super fat layers by simply incorporating the fruit into one's current daily diet.

-This is a very large fruit and when presented to the dieter, it looks to be a generous serving in comparison to its caloric content. And when trying to lose fat, when one can eat more food - it's always a plus as long as that plus doesn't end up on the bathroom scales.

One-half of a cantaloupe would have made an even bigger presentation for just a few more calories so it would not be a surprise to eventually see the appearance of 'The Cantaloupe Diet'. We may add our own shortly.

Added benefit: melon works to dispel water retention and leaves the dieter feeling very satisfied for a long while after it's eaten.

- Grapefruits contain very few calories - about 80 calories for one that is 4" in diameter.

In addition, the super fruit contains insoluble fiber that has been proven beneficial in lowering cholesterol.  It also contains vitamin C to help enhance immunity, and folate.

Health notes for Grapefruit

-Generator of intestinal gas.

- May cause allergic headaches.

- Can trigger bed wetting in children who are allergic to citrus fruit.

- Recent studies indicate that grapefruit and certain medications don't mix well. An enzyme identified as P-450 located in the intestinal wall works in breaking down certain medications. This fruit prevents P-450 from performing this function.

This is very vital because now the medication becomes super-sized and ultra potent. This situation can be much worse than fast food super sizing! Therefore, if you take medication, be sure to ask your doctor if it would be best to space it an hour or so after eating the fruit or drinking the juice of the fruit.

Examples of complications of grapefruit & certain medications when mixed:

-High blood pressure medications containing calcium channel blockers:  effects when combined with grapefruit include faintness, dizziness, and weakness due to an excessive drop in blood pressure.

-Cholesterol medication (statins) become 15% more potent when mixed with this fruit.

-Grapefruit and antihistamines become a volatile combination as the individual may develop a heart rhythm disturbance.

-In 'legalized drugs' such as caffeine, grapefruit raises caffeine intake levels in the blood, creating a definite 'coffee buzz'. For those individuals craving 'double caffeine coffee', we could be talking 'straight jacket'.


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