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What is Severe Obesity? | The Risks of Gastric Surgery | Restrictive Gastric Surgery | Criteria for Weight Loss Surgery, the Risks & Benefits

Weight Gain after Gastric Surgery or Stomach Stapling

Written by Diet Bites

The risks of gastric surgery and stomach stapling for weight loss remedy.

Weighing the Risks of Bariatric & Gastric Surgery for Weight Loss

Are you considering stomach stapling or gastric surgery for weight loss? If so, they do not come without significant risks, including death.

With modern medicine at its highest peak, the risks are far less than they were just a few short years ago - however, they still exist.

Four Times More Difficult to Perform Surgery on Obese or Overweight Patient

I was once told by one of my doctors that it was four times more difficult to perform surgery on an overweight individual than an individual who was at their recommended weight.

That in itself places the overweight or obese individual at about four times the risk where surgical procedures are involved.

Death Due to Liposuction Treatment

A few years ago one of my close friends had another friend who was so distressed about her weigh that she decided to have liposuction to remove the fat. A day later, my friend approached me with tears in her eyes, crying as she informed me that her friend had went into cardiac arrest following the surgery and had died. She left behind small children without a mom.

I will never forget that moment as long as I live or the sadness that was experienced. My friend told me that her friend had considered the surgical procedure very safe. It's just so sad.

Therefore, please consider losing weight via a healthier mode - using a daily diet built upon the solid and trusted Food Pyramid along with moderate activity to lose the weight rather than such an aggressive and invasive procedure.

There are some individuals whose health risks outweigh the risks associated with gastric surgery, where the physician feels it necessary to move forward in this manner. But more often than not, weight loss can be achieved the old-fashioned way - without the associated health risks.

Gastric Surgery Weight Gain: Gaining weight after weight loss surgery.

The individual worked so hard, endured a lot of pain, a lot of sacrifice, beat the risks associated with the surgery -  pumped some big bucks into the weight loss surgical process - and a few months down the Diet Road, something terrible happens.  

Weight Gain Following Gastric Surgery

It may happen a few months later, or a few years later. Nonetheless, gastric surgery is not a magic potion, not a magic pill and not a cure for obesity. It requires focus and dedication to the process.

Even then, many times it's not enough.

If you have undergone gastric surgery and you experience a weight gain, don't wait - get to your doctor as soon as possible. There are a number of reasons why weight gain may be occurring, most of which can be corrected and the longer you wait, the more damage weight gain can do.

Weight Gain Causes | Weight Loss Plan


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