Free Diet Planner, Day 7

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Breakfast Menu

Cinnamon Toast: 2 slices of bread sprayed very generously with no calorie butter spray.  Top with a dash of cinnamon and no calorie sweetener.

Place under broiler until golden.  Remove and add a bit more sweetener if desired.

1 Banana, sliced thinly and sprinkled with 1 teaspoon of brown sugar then topped with 1 Tablespoon of Cool Whip

Enjoy your favorite lower calorie beverage with your breakfast meal.


1 Cupcake or Ding Dong (Again, we'll save the other one for another day. Seal in the freshness.)

Lunch Menu

Grilled Pepper Cheese - Take 2 slices of bread and spray generously with the no calorie butter spray.  Next, place under the broiler until golden brown, or insert into your toaster.  Add one slice of REAL cheese, plus sliced peppers if desired.  A simple cheese sandwich might work best for you!  Choose either one.

1 Cup of cooked carrots topped with no calorie butter spray.  If you like yours sweet, add a few packets of no calorie sweetener.

1 Cup of any type of fresh berries or fruit


1/2 Grapefruit sprinkled with no calorie sugar

Dinner Menu

The Big Tuna: 1/2 can of tuna leftover from above.

5 saltine crackers

1 egg white

salt & pepper

1 Tablespoon of flour

1/2 teaspoon of baking powder

Non stick cooking spray

Mix the above ingredients - all but the cooking spray, of course!  Next, 'fry' in a non stick skillet until golden brown on one side.  Turn.  Fry until golden on the opposite side.  Serve with either catsup or with homemade tartar sauce (1 Tablespoon of light Mayo, 1 teaspoon of pickle relish, 1/2 teaspoon of fresh diced onion).

1/2 toasted English Muffin

1/2 of any variety of winter squash (Butternut is delicious!) (OR you can enjoy 2 cups of steamed/stir fried veggies with no calorie butter spray).  Prepare as follows: CAREFULLY slice in half and remove the seeds.  

Wash squash. Place with flesh side down in 1/2 inch of water in a microwave safe dish. Cover with plastic wrap and cook on high about 8 to 12 minutes.

Microwaves vary in temps, so you may have to experiment a bit.  When done, your squash will be fork tender.  However, if you overcook your squash, it will be mushy.

CAREFULLY remove plastic wrap and take the squash out of the water.  Drain well.  

Next, add 1 Tablespoon of brown sugar, plenty of no calorie butter spray, a dash of cinnamon, and a few packets of no calorie sweetener, if desired.  

You may prefer your squash with just a bit of butter.  

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