Free Diet Planner, Day 12

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Menu 12


1 Serving of Cream of Wheat.  Use no calorie refrigerated butter spray, no calorie sugar, 1/2 cup of skim milk.

1 slice of toast - use no calorie butter for topping

1 Cup of hot tea or coffee.  For creamer, use the 'Creamora' type creamer (10 calories per spoon)



1 Banana OR 1 Apple OR 1 Pear



1 Steak (any cut, about 3 ounces)

1 Tablespoon of your favorite steak sauce

1 Small baked potato served with salt, pepper, 1 Tablespoon of sour cream (regular or lite), and no calorie butter.


1 chopped onion + 1 cup of sliced mushrooms (fresh, any variety)  Stirfry SEPARATELY in a pan sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.  Add salt and pepper and no calorie butter to taste.  If you don't like onions or mushrooms, then enjoy 1 cup of any type of peas.

1 piece of bread

Enjoy with a no calorie beverage.



1 Cup of sugar-free gelatin served with 1 Tablespoon of whipped topping (regular or lite topping)




1/2 can of spring water tuna, drained

2 cups of chopped/diced lettuce

tomato, chopped (optional)

1 sliced dill pickle OR 1 teaspoon of pickle relish

1 Tablespoon of LIGHT or fat-free Mayo

Mix and eat with:

10 saltine crackers OR 20 Fritoes Corn Chips (always feel free to use any brand you wish!)

Enjoy a no calorie beverage with your meal.


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