The Fat Vat in The Old Diet Trail

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Tips to assist in keeping fat out of your weight loss plan.

Almost every food has some level of dietary fat content and with each food, the distribution of fat may differ greatly.

Even fresh vegetables such as carrots as fresh fruits such as bananas contain some fat content, albeit very minimal.

More Fat in Food, More Calories Contained Therein

Fact is, the lower the fat contained in the food, the less caloric values of the food. For dieters, this is a key point - something to stand up straight about, and perhaps consider a salute to.

Having foods in the daily diet that are minimal in caloric content equals a lot more food selections on the meal plate.

Fried Chicken Breast, Mushrooms & Onion Rings - Lots of Lipids, Lots of Calories & Fat Grams

For example, that fried chicken breast resting beside the fried mushrooms and onion rings - these are some mighty fatty eats. The chicken breast holds about 500 calories while the fried mushrooms - about 50 each, as do those onion rings. Unfortunately, there are ten of each loaded onto the fatty meal plate which adds an addition 1,000 calories to the menu.

But things don't end there because those rings and shrooms just aren't tasty enough without a small tub of full-blown ranch dressing. The fried chicken kinda stands on its own where flavor is involved. By the time that we add that serving of sweet tea and a white buttered roll, well....we have enough fat and calories to sink a battleship.

And just look at what we got for all those calories. Basically four tiny items - mushrooms, rings, chicken and a roll. How crummy is that for a full day's worth of food? Yet, the standard diet is based on 2,000 calories - and with the full-blown ranch, we've just jumped over the moon.

How to Trim Calories at Meal Time

How can we trim the meal plate so that we can eat more food? Let's see:

Rather than the fried chicken - let's not eat a whole breast. We can do just fine with one-half a breast for our meal plate.

Next, what do we want to do with all that batter and oil on the chicken? Do we really need that? Want that? Let's start over and pan-roast the chicken breast until it is a golden brown color. Much better - at about 150 calories.

Now as to the mushrooms and onions, let's not drown them in the Fat Vat. Instead, let's use just a little cooking spray and sauté them in a pan. Much better - and only about 100 calories for both the onions and mushrooms.

And rather than eat a buttered white roll - let's go whole grain and use reduced fat margarine. And do we really need so much sugar in our tea? We can trim down the calories to zero by enjoying it plain or by using sugar substitute if we must enjoy it sweet.

How did we do? That 2,000 plus meal plate is now less than 400 calories.

Cooking Methods Can be a Vital Tool in Your Diet Plan for Losing Weight Permanently

And we can continue to use like-methods to reduce the dietary fat on our meal plate. It's all about making wiser choices while not sacrificing flavor.

Sure - the fried foods may taste better but the sauteed foods are also good.  Weight loss is at times, a compromise between both worlds - fat versus thin. Right there in the middle is a great place to be - somewhere in between, enjoying our food without giving up the flavor - but happily giving up the calories.


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