Liquid Dieting Facts

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Considering a liquid diet to help you lose weight?

Then consider the health dangers of doing such.


There are a lot of Medicine Men out in the world who can talk people into anything.  Even our most trusted, genuine physicians sometimes recommend liquid dieting to those patients who just can't get the weight off.  

Situations Requiring Liquid Dieting, Rare

Although there are circumstances when a liquid diet might be applicable, they are extremely rare.

So if you are considering a liquid diet, please reconsider! Liquid dieting should NEVER be attempted by anyone unless they have the supervision of a professional caretaker.  The following are just a few misconceptions regarding the Liquid Dieter.

True or False Questions Relating to Dietary Fat

A person on a total liquid diet will experience fewer hunger pains than a dieter consuming solids and liquids because liquids are very filling, and they shrink the tummy. Therefore, the liquid dieter will feel full.

FALSE - The Liquid Dieter will experience frequent, more intense hunger pains than the dieter consuming both liquids and solids.  These aren't those ordinary diet hunger pains, rather gut-wrenching, knee-bending pains that generally make the individual nauseated.

The Liquid Dieter can also expect frequent headaches, fuzzy thoughts, and the body jitters.

What about the tummy shrink thing?  It will do that on most any type of diet due to being filled with less food.

True or False, Are Liquid Diet Cheaper Than Diet Foods?

Liquid dieting is far cheaper than buying diet foods.

Fat cushions vital organs.FALSE - If you are opting for a liquid protein diet, it's not going to be cheap.  Grab your billfold and have your money tree in sight.

For starters, anyone going totally liquid will require medical supervision.  As for the expense of 'diet food', that is perhaps the most famous diet myth alive in today's world.  Anyone that is considering dieting can use the basic ingredients known in the common kitchen such as flour, beans, cornmeal, canned or fresh veggies, meats, eggs, even whole milk and real sugar.  Yes, REAL sugar.

True or False, Digestive Cleanse

A liquid diet will allow my digestive system to purge rather than just sitting and building up toxins.

FALSE - The body is designed with a digestion system that breaks down the solid foods that are ingested, then distributes the breakdown where it is needed in the body.  

Solid foods provide essential vitamins - and so do many liquid diets, but fact is, the body is pummeled into a state of shock in reverting from solid and liquids, to totally liquids.  The digestive system is yelling, "Give me something to process!  I'm just sitting here, doing nothing!"

The purge?  Eventually, oh yeah.  Expect frequent bouts of diarrhea - a cry from the body that it is experiencing MAJOR stress.  The Liquid Dieter may feel like they have consumed a field of prunes, seeds and all.

True or False, Liquid Diet Speed Up Weight Loss

A liquid diet will have less calories, thereby accelerating weight loss.

Fat cushions vital organs.FALSE - Just about everyone, including Alice the Goon, is in accord on the minimum amount of calories that are imperative for body function.  The standard recommendation is 1,200 - 1,500 MINIMUM calories when dieting.  Anything less should be only attempted with professional medical supervision.

Therefore, the liquid diet will have as many calories as the diet supporting both liquid and solid foods.

True or False, Liquid Diet Fights Temptation

Liquid dieting will assist weight loss because the dieter won't be tempted while eating solid foods.  

FALSE - This is simply a temporary fix.

The Liquid Dieter will eventually HAVE to revert to eating solid foods at one point in their life.  What then?

The best way to lose weight successfully is to control willpower.  An individual MUST take control in order to be successful during and perhaps most importantly, AFTER the diet.

True or False, Reach Weight Loss Goal Sooner

Liquid diets excel weight loss so an individual will reach their weight loss goals much sooner than a dieter consuming both solids and liquids.

FALSE - As stated above, the liquid dieter consumes the same number of calories as the dieting consuming both liquids and solids.  A calorie is a calorie is a calorie, and a pound is a pound is a pound.

If you have been recently recommended to go on a liquid diet by your trusted physician, tell him/her that you want to sit down and talk turkey.  Ask why a solid food diet wouldn't be better.  Do not make a decision until all of your concerns have been totally satisfied.

See here to check out our liquid/solid calorie comparison chart that may surprise as well as delight you! 


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