Fast Weight Loss

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

There are a few tasks in life that are NOT fun.  

These tasks sometimes have us scrubbing our feet and looking for a place to hide in hopes that they will go away - much like our unwanted weight.  

And dieting is one task that sits way low on the totem pole of our 'Things to Do' list.

So we procrastinate dieting until another day which in time, turns into another decade.  

Before we know what hit us, we've got more weight to lose than Hercules has bulges - only his bulges are a lot prettier than ours.

And like most tasks that get put off until another day, there comes a time when we must take action.  So, here we go a-dieting!

Here are a few questions revolving around Fast Weight Loss because as with all undesirable tasks, we desire a fast solution - and in the case of weight loss - a fast weight loss solution!


1. One of the first thoughts that creep into a dieter's mind is, "How fast can I lose this unnecessary weight?"  

The more weight we have to lose, the longer it's going to take to get the unwanted weight off.

2. K.....  So what is a good rate of weight loss per week while dieting?

Shoot for a 2-pound per week weight loss.  That may not seem like a lot of weight, but over the course of one year, that's over 100 pounds of weight loss.  Talk about FAST WEIGHT LOSS!

3. What if I want to lose more than 2 pounds of weight per week?  I mean, I really want to get this unnecessary weight off my overloaded frame.  I want to lose 10 pounds per week.  Can I do that?

We feel that would be a difficult task to accomplish and in the end, you may end up with a naked frame. This is why:

bird01_green.gif One pound equals 3,500 calories.  Break that down by dividing it by 7 days (there are seven days in a week) and we get 500 calories which means that we must cut 500 calories per day from our diet in order to lose just ONE pound per week.

bird01_green.gif A two-pound per week of fast weight loss means that we must cut 1,000 calories per day from our diet.

bird01_green.gif A ten-pound per week of fast weight loss means that we must cut 3,500 calories per day from our diet.

Another method that burns up calories is exercise - so when combined with a healthy daily calorie limit, you're on the Fast Track to Weight Loss & Good Health.

Keeping all of this in mind, our bodies require calories each and every second of the day in order to thrive so we can only restrict our calorie intake to a certain point.  Although the extra calories that we consume over time become stored in fat cells, our bodies are so sensitive and smart that when our calorie intake become severe, the body goes into lock down.  It's our safety mechanism. It's much like a car when it is running low on oil.

Example:  Our youngest son was notorious about letting his car go unchecked when it came to oil and water.  He always ensured that it had gas because without gas, he couldn't go. And he quickly learned the same applied when it came to oil.

Tom and I got a call from our son and learned that he was stranded on a stretch of very busy highway.  It was night, although the bright lights of the cars zooming by made it seem like day.

Our son's car had automatically shut down because his oil was depleted and the car overheated.  If the car hadn't shut down, it would have been toast. So Tom refilled the oil, and all was well.

That car is like our bodies.  When we don't get enough calories - our bodies click into rescue mode and our metabolism slows to a snail's pace in order to conserve energy (i.e. calories).

4. Where can I find a healthy diet plan for fast weight loss?

A diet based on the Official Food Pyramid is not only healthy - it's effective and sassy.

5. To lose weight fast, should I use a fad diet plan or a healthy diet plan?

What?  This is a trick question, right?  Okay....the answer is that you should ALWAYS implement a healthy diet - when losing weight, or not.


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